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My Boston adventure - RR and more (Read 140 times)


    Very nice RR.  Thanks for sharing.


    Go figure

      I loved your description of being a snowflake in a blizzard - that's awesome, and from the pictures I've seen, it's spot on too.  You were probably smart to not go for a sub 3 in this race, but I really think you could do that pretty easily.  Regardless, running a PR at Boston is sweet and a great reward for all the hard work you put in through a tough winter.  Keep up the good work!

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        Great RR. Reading RRs from LTH, Julie, Fuzzy and others in other places enhances my experience and memory of the race.

        There is really no other race like the Boston Marathon.

        I remember landing at the airport, confusion of navigating Boston transit, city I've never been in. Help from random people, buying 7 day Charlie pass (great decision) and eventually leaving the city as a familiar place.

        Congrats on well executed race and PR at Boston marathon.

        thanks to our transit pass we explored as much of Boston and surrounding areas as we could and went also to Revere where you were staying.

        You didn't miss anything by not going to the official pre-race dinner. Lines were long (no surprise with so many runners) and food was not that good (the volunteers were wonderful and they did fantastic job with masses of people attending) That is the one thing we will skip next time in Boston.

        Mrs. Goo at Revere Beach

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          Thank you for sharing your experience!  Very nice RR and congrats on the PR!!

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            Loved every word of your report! You guys are making me look really bad, setting PBs on a course that's killed me three times. Couldn't be happier for you. Be proud.

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              Nice race report and photos!  Congratulations on setting a new PR!

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                Loved every word of your report! You guys are making me look really bad, setting PBs on a course that's killed me three times. Couldn't be happier for you. Be proud.


                I'm just happy that MA comes here once in a while.Smile

                Slow and steady never wins anything.


                  I'm just happy that MA comes here once in a while.Smile




                    shirfan - excellent race report. Nice comment there at the end. Enjoyed the report and felt like i was there again. I didn't think anyone would stay in revere (wood island station) and like you noticed runners all over. Agree about running with hundreds of runners moving at the same speed. That was interesting. Felt the same way about the hills. Managed a small pr too. Those were some nice pics you got during the race. Good luck in your future races. Congrats on a good race. Rest up and be well.

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                      I missed this report until now!


                      Congrats on your Boston marathon.  I have followed your progress and I am glad to have seen you improving greatly.  Great job on the race and youR training is now great for sure! Big grin


                      Love the finish picture, which should be your new avi, IMO.



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                        Thanks for sharing and congrats!


                          Thanks for sharing Jay. You look great in all your photos! That last one of you and your medal is truly priceless. Congrats! Smile

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                            Great read, thanks for sharing.



                              Awesome race. cool report.Congrats!



                              I'm happy, hope you're happy too...


                                How amazing that you have been running for less than 2 years and you already have accomplished so much. Bravo, Jay! You trained very hard for this day in Boston and you certainly were rewarded by a perfect race. So, mini-wheats are the secret to a fast marathon, eh? :-)


                                That was such an excellent RR, full of the lovely little philosophical gems that I've come to expect from you. You are a very wise young man and I really like that about you. Smile


                                I have noticed that you, Fuzzy, LTH, Goo and myself all seem to share many of the same memories, feelings, experiences, etc... I guess it's normal, since we all ran the same race after all. To me, it really felt like we were running as one huge entity. One running spirit. I think you felt that as well. Anyway, thank you so much for making me re-live that day through your amazing RR! Congratulations again on your awesome race and your pictures are just fantastic!

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