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Report and Photos: YMCA Siclovia 5K (Read 5 times)


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    I am Scott aka Scottydog aka Scotty Dogg, runner since 1983, cancer survivor – caught very early, so I actually had a fairly easy time of it - , retired Air Force, employee of University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), friend of dogs, fun-runner, and all-around punster and goofball.  In 2003 I had spinal arthritis flare up and ever since then I’ve done the run/walk method since it hurts my back too much now to run continuously with no walk breaks.  I’m on what I call my “2F Plan” which stands for Fun and Finish.  My only goals for a race these days are finish everything I start, have fun along the way, and finish standing up with no ambulance waiting for me.  At events that I now do for fun I carry my camera, chase “Great Legs” to help motivate my slow old man self to keep moving forward, and take pictures before, during, and after the race. Sometimes I even get a nice post-race sweaty hug from one of the Great Legs ladies.   I then do a pictorial race report of my events.  I also carry dog biscuits with me to treat any dogs I may meet at a run – unless it’s a mean dog; then the biscuit goes in one direction and I go in another.  Hence my nickname “Scottydog.”


    And a big thanks to for allowing me a “home” for my many many MANY race reports and photos.  Great site, free training log; calendars; running routes; maps; conversation forums for runners; and much more


    Here is yet another of my photo reports.  Full report below. 


    Link to a slideshow of just the photos:




    This was my 49th race of 2016 and my 3rd race of the Sep 24-25 weekend.   Siclovia 5K is part of the Siclovia activities, a program in San Antonio that encourages participation in physical activities.  The YMCA oversees this program ( One of the main streets of San Antonio (in this case, Broadway)  is 'emptied' of all traffic for several hours on a chosen Sunday and then people can run, bike, walk, whatever up and down the street.  Lots of vendors, food booths, etc., on site.   The 5K starts things off first thing in the morning (8 am. start time) usually before the street is opened up to all the other participants doing their own thing.


    Me and friend Karen, who also did the same 3 races I did this weekend (Head for the Cure 5K, Alamo Beer 5 Miler, and this one)

     photo 078_zpsprfw5jov.jpg


     photo 085_zps2wc8wyae.jpg


    iaapweb, a great local race management company that did the timing, results, etc.

     photo 080_zpsazjlkw9g.jpg






    Various participants, etc


     photo 079_zpstpjxbi2o.jpg

     photo 081_zpsoqwu6upr.jpg


     photo 082_zps3bqz5uvr.jpg


     photo 083_zpsjne1ttw2.jpg


     photo 084_zps2v8bb6wc.jpg


     photo 087_zpswv5kuh15.jpg

     photo 088_zpsrsl6ysg7.jpg


     photo 089_zpswsbgocot.jpg


     photo 090_zpstclqyhbi.jpg


     photo 091_zpsjd3lf6pr.jpg


     photo 092_zpsglm0gwuf.jpg


    Getting ready to go

     photo 093_zpswgea68lb.jpg




    Well, I have no talent at all, but once a year I make it on Broadway...    On this part of Broadway the road camber is you are walking or running on one of those leaning board, braced knee is not fond of this, so I tried as much as possible to run right down the very middle of the road where it is most flat.


     photo 094_zpsyrqfacv9.jpg


     photo 095_zpsrzoue55a.jpg


     photo 096_zpspmfxhq3g.jpg


     photo 097_zpsvqcdb9d9.jpg


     photo 098_zpstp1ue8sk.jpg


     photo 099_zpsclco81gf.jpg


     photo 100_zpsjtbmkdcu.jpg


     photo 101_zpskxvujvhx.jpg


     photo 102_zpspandqjjv.jpg


     photo 103_zpsrqtd9xgs.jpg


    Here comes my ride for my old-man legs...

     photo 104_zpsg2gqml9l.jpg


     photo 105_zpshjunjkk8.jpg


     photo 107_zpsihfgd32m.jpg


    Encountered my friends Darlene and Adrian out there cheering us on and preparing to advertise their upcoming November race to all the Siclovia folks.

     photo 109_zpsheoybgwn.jpg





    After doing two other races this weekend, I did better than I expected for this 3rd one, finishing in 36-something - I really thought my legs would be more sore and I'd have to walk more, but it did not turn out that way.  I felt 'fairly good",  not 100%, but good enough that I managed to do all my usual run/walk repeats with no extra walking -  and I ended up actually getting 2nd in my age group.  Probably cuz I'm old, you know, so the strategy is to outlive the competition, and there were not that many of we old guys there today, lol.


    Some of the "Happy Finishers", etc


     photo 110_zpskxc0aaev.jpg


     photo 111_zpsg0onfqsg.jpg


     photo 112_zpsratoglpq.jpg


    My friend Bernadette - she did two of the 3 races I did this weekend - as usual placed in her age group

     photo 113_zpsxywqdqdh.jpg


    Apparently, before getting the medal photo I needed a bit of a nap after 3 races, lol.

     photo 115_zpsid03knlo.jpg


     photo 116_zpsbinagpez.jpg


     photo 117_zpswjhzruyg.jpg

     photo 118_zpshrduzudm.jpg


    These two speedy guys were the overall winners, 1st (green shirt) and 2nd

     photo 119_zpsi5kdaaaz.jpg


    I have a knack for making my friend Karen crack up

     photo 120_zps4vva3ib3.jpg


     photo 121_zps0vwgevsx.jpg


     photo 122_zpskfz4x2qf.jpg


    Some post-run entertainment

     photo 123_zpsgpylo4ji.jpg


     photo 124_zpsfcrpp9i1.jpg

     photo 125_zpsjnrumjg8.jpg


     photo 126_zpsrpp1gccw.jpg


     photo 127_zpsspcexhsi.jpg


     photo 129_zpsxt4bqwba.jpg


     photo 130_zpsqsnbtkby.jpg


     photo 131_zps1gttose8.jpg


     photo 132_zpsko6hhsca.jpg





    Always a great event and I have a streak going on with this one as I have done them all since this event started.  Be glad to get back to The Alamo start-and-finish location though, that is a much more interesting course and makes it very unique to have The Alamo as part of the race.  Even so, a well put-on event as part of the Siclovia activities and it's not very often you get to run right down the middle of one of the usually busiest streets in San Antonio.  MUCHO THANKS to everyone that made this one happen for we participants, e.g., sponsors, vendors, volunteers, YMCA, the City of San Antonio, law enforcement, etc.  Definitely a keeper on the race calendar.

    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt

      Congratulations on doing so well at your three race this weekend.