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    Right, we all do.  That covers quite a bit of distance though.  So the 8 strides that I do at the end of a 7 mile run need to begin way before the end, or it would end up being a 9 mile run.


    Yep, it doesn't really matter. But coming from Pfitz, I've always done them at the end, as part of the run, since the plans say, "X miles with Y# of strides." The only constraint really is time. Of course if I'm doing them as part of a track workout, I just do them when convenient and the mileage is whatever it is at the end of it all. Shit, it's really time to get dinner going.


    I do them mostly like you do, though I really don't bother to measure any specific distance. Mine might be a little shorter than they should be.


    Yep again. I just wait for the straights and stride for about 3 lamp posts, which is normally about 10 seconds. So my recoveries aren't exactly measured either. Sometimes I also have to wait until there's less people on the walking path.


    *MTA the bolded part

    Will run for scenery.

      Well, tonight I went back to where it all began.  I walked 5k with the humongous (many hundreds) running group downtown.  Brisk enough pace to sweat a little and feel some under-used muscles coming into play.  Calf felt fine - walking never seems to bother it.


      Finished the evening with grilled sea bass, saffron risotto, and a Slovenian white wine. And another 2 miles of walking.

      Stupid feet!

      Stupid elbow!

      Bad Ass

        jjs22, you had me at risotto.



        "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

        It's always fucking hot in Miami!