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Wow, this is so sad....the 'official' university statement recently came out about this tragedy (Read 115 times)


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    I work at the University of Texas at San Antonio aka UTSA.  It was announced that our former women's basketball coach, Rae Blair,  was killed in a motorcycle accident.  The link to the story is below.  Apparently, she was on the upper level of the highway in the Austin area, lost control of her bike, and then she flipped over the rail from the top level and fell to the lower level.  Just awful.    She has had a time of it lately.  Her husband died in March this year, of complications from Alzheimer's and her younger brother died last October.  They were the only 2 kids in her family, so my heart really goes out to her parents who have now lost both their kids.


    Gail and I knew her pretty well.  Blair was on the board for a while of the company Gail worked for and they worked on several projects together.  Also, Gail and I attended several functions (university dinners, games, etc) with Blair and her husband.  They were such nice people!  Her loss is such a tragedy, she still had so much to offer.  She was a really good person and very well liked by all.  This is very sad for all of us who knew her.


    Crash Claims Life of Former UTSA Coach

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        That is tragic for the parents, Scotty. My heart hurts just thinking about what they must be going through. Sometimes, life is hard to make sense of. I am sorry for your and Gail's loss, and everyone else who knew her. She seemed like a really good person. I don't know anything about the afterlife, but I like to think that she's in good company now.

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          Truly awful!  So sorry for your loss, Scotty - and for the university's loss as well!

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            That is awful. Sorry for your loss Scotty.



              Scotty that's terrible. Sad What a horrible time for that family.

              - Andrew

                Very sad for everyone involved.  My condolences.


                  Sad  I'm sorry, Scotty.


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                    Thanks, everyone. I'm trying to stay busy and upbeat today so I won't think about it.  Cuz if I think about it, I may end up crying at my desk.


                    Poor Gail was an even closer friend than I was, she's having a pretty bad time of it.   And what makes it worse for her is that she had just lost another close friend last week and was just at HER funeral on Saturday...and then this happened on top of that.   I'm just gonna have to make sure I hug her  especially a whole lot this week.

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                      Really sorry Scotty. That is horrible.

                        Really stinks when things like this happen.

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                          Very sad....



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                            That's awful, especially for the family.



                              As a person that is very sad to read, as a biker even more so. You never like to hear stories like that either way though.