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Rotating shoes: how many pairs? (Read 449 times)

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    My shoe weapons are:


    3 pair for longer distances runs

    1 pair for 10K and under races + speed

    2 pair for trail


    I mostly started doing this because I run rain or shine and don't like to run in semi-wet shoes next day. I also think the different shoes help for different aspects of training. And I am a whore.

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      2 for normal runs 1 for long and recovery runs 1 for faster stuff
        2 for normal runs 1 for long and recovery runs 1 for faster stuff


        I know how to punctuate, but the spacing is messed up on mobile.

          2 that I rotate (usually the same model, occasionally different models) for easy/long runs


          1 for short speedwork (intervals) and short races (up to 10K) (my lightest pair)


          1 for longer speedwork (tempos) and longer races (15K-HM) (more stability than the lightest ones, but less than my easy/long shoes.  


          I rotated 2 pairs for a long time, but when my race times started coming down a bit I started wanting a lighter shoe to race in.  I don't know how much *actual* effect it has on my times, but putting on my 'fast' shoes has at least a psychological effect, and I haven't had any injuries caused by using them 1-2 times per week.  

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            1 road and 1 trail.  Even that is a stretch for an eternal minimalist like myself.








              I have one pair right now, lol. Seen as though I only run 8-10 miles a week (in a good week), I don't think I have much to worry about.


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                I think you already know, but I have 5 pairs of shoes in my rotation right now:


                - Saucony Kinvara 3 (I like them for HM and FM, they're light)

                - Mizuno Wave Universe 4 (really light for 5k and 10k races)

                - New Balance NB890v2 (experimenting with these right now)

                - North Face Hayasa (outdoor shoe for some snow/winter running)

                - Innov-8 Roclite 285 (outdoor shoe that is great on ice/snow)


                When I do doubles, I'm rotating between the K3's and NB shoes indoors and the NF & Innov-8 outside. The MWU4's are a complete niche shoe that I'd only use for short races and track workouts.

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                  The life of mine are extended by rotating the shoes indeed.  I used to run in one pair like you, for close to 5-6 years.  I had to retire theme earlier than I do now.


                  And you know how many I have in rotation.... Big grin

                   I looked in this thread specifically to see how many pair you rotateSmile I know it's a lot. 


                  Go figure

                    Too many - and I like too few of them. Like someone else said, I think of it more as each shoe having a purpose than rotating per se.

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                      Currently have 4 pair - 3 Green Silence (each a different color combination - getting in touch with my feminine side elephant) and one pair of Brooks GTS – strictly for long runs.  One pair of the Green Silence is for racing and the other two are my daily rotation.   Thinking of retiring the GTS, the effect of using those only for long runs has severely worn down the outside heels.  Seems I must really heel strike when running slow.

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                        Currently, 3 pairs in rotation...Asic Kayano 16's for the treadmill, Kayano 17's for long runs, and a pair of Brook Trance 12's for shorter, speedier runs.


                          I use 2-3 pairs heavier, traditional trainers for easy runs. One pair mid weight trainers for long runs and long tempos. Two pairs pair lightweight trainers for shorter track work or short distance runs. Several pairs of racers laying around for use when needed. A bunch of older, near retirement pairs of everything for rain/snow duty. One pair trail runner for rare trail use, or more frequently, day hiking. 


                            Three: two pair of Lunarglide 3 and a Lunarfly 2. The older pair of Lunarglide 3 (with 400+ miles on them) is about to be retired, to be replaced by a pair of Lunarglide 4.

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                            15K: 1:27:53 (3/17/13) | 10M: 1:30:25 (4/13/13) | HM: 1:59:55 (4/28/13)

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                              I still just have one pair- no fun when I go through big puddles and can't get them properly dried before the next run!  But I hate to ask for more shoes just yet.


                              Edit- No, I guess I technically also have my retired pair.  They give me blisters, though, so don't really consider them an option.  I'll wear them to the gym, but not to go running.

                                I recently learned that "everyone" rotates shoes except (apparently) me.  I'm going to start doing so b/c I guess it extends the useful life of your shoes and so maybe I won't go through them as quickly as I do.  How many pairs are in your rotation?


                                Apparently it allows the midsole to recover between runs I think ? Im only using one pair of Zoom elites for general running and one pair of Lunaracer for faster stuff. Got a pair of Adios under the chrissy tree for my first marathon next year.