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Wickedly Average

    Evening, dailies!


    Just checking in here - been a busy day. Like yesterday, I took an "oh-dark-thirty" run today before work. It was a bit cooler at that hour so I put in 4 miles in the 72 degree temperatures, versus the 93 or so we had this afternoon. Also shot some serious pool this evening with the team.. Serious, but not necessarily good pool. Not bad either - just got outclassed today. In the Wednesday league, one mistake can cost you the game. They play at a high caliber in this league.


    Hope everyone had a good day. Heading for bed soon. G'night, all!

    Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

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      Hi dailies:


      Basya - to answer your question from yesterday, yes.  The Erie Marathon, 9/15.


      First full rest day since 5/22, although the rest involved draining and cleaning my hot water tank to then replace a burnt out element.  Fun fun.

        I decided to say screw it and I stayed home to watch hockey instead (in triple OT now). It was supposed to be an SRD anyway, and today's planned run was rescheduling due to taking the weekend off. I'll reschedule again.