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Thursday Penguins Love Valentine's Day! (Read 38 times)

    Thanks again everyone!


    Yay Dave! Now we can call you a lucky robot alien!


    I'll take lucky over good any day. Smile


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      Kristin have fun with your yoga mat tonight you wild woman!

      coralie I hope your tumor isn't growing back. When is your actual operation?  I'm not doing anything for my splints because shin splint rehab ticks off my peroneal tendon in my foot.  I'm just sitting around eating like I'm still running and getting fatter by the day. Dead


      A week from tomorrow! I'm sick with nerves. I've been trying to do lots of the foot raises to help with the shin splints. Also incline and decline walking to strengthen muscles. I really hope it helps.


      Smaller By The Day

        That's great news Dave!  Just popped my head in for a second.  Have to get back to trying to get votes.  1 hour left :-)


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          good luck awood! coralie hoping your surgery goes well!

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