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I managed to run without (much) pain today! (Read 84 times)

    Apparently I wasn't quite ready to run a half back in October. I ended up with some terrible hip flexor pain. I tried resting for 4 or 5 days and then running. Then I tried running 2 miles at a time, everyday. Still hurting. Work knocked me out of running for two weeks, then rest a week. Anyway, here I am 6 or 7 Weeks after the half and managed 4 slow miles. I came home and stretched and rolled and feel pretty good. One more thing. Cold air is evidently hard to breathe. Temp during my run was around 38 to 40. I didn't have much of a base before, but even that's gone. Time to get to work! Willis

      Don't over do it!  Have you tried getting a massage?  I had some calf pain this past summer and massages helped.  I had to ease into it very, very slowly.


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        Ya, do go easy.  Hip flexors are no joke!!


        Get good at the hip flexor stretch where you kneel on one knee.  I actually stretch out my groin as well as my hip flexor by dipping, tilting, whatever gives me a couple different feelings of stretch in that whole area.


        Also, quit running every day.  I'd highly recommend going every other day if I were you.


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          As it happens my iliopsoas and hip flexor are hating me right now.  Stretch!  And don't overdo it until it improves.  I am worried that you're still in pain even when not running for a bit.  I go to a chiro to work on the area.  Maybe try that or a massage.



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