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    Tonight was supposed to be an easy 4 miles, turned out to be a fast 9:38 pace that I just know I am going to regret. I really didn't feel like I was putting out any effort at all though Confused and it actually felt relatively easy which is strange. I think I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible, the rain was pelting me in the eyes, I was soaked and the wind averaged 22 mph with gusts of up to 32 mph so that was fun. Now I am just wondering if I should take Wednesday night as an easy 6-7 mile run?

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    5k - 24:15 (7:49 min/mile pace) 

    10k - 51:47 (8:16 min/mile pace)

    15k -1:18:09 (8:24 min/mile pace)

    13.1 - 1:53:12 (8:39 min/mile pace)

    26.2 - (Debut) - 4:48:10 



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      Rest day. :/

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        Forgot to mention, I managed to run 4 miles today, at an average 9:33 pace. Slower into the wind, faster with the wind. We had some 25 mph gusts, so it did try to stand me up a couple of times. Fortunately, I started my run into the wind so that I had a tail wind on the second half of the run. Smile


        My butt was dragging a little, probably a combination of having spent 8 hours driving and having a big, fat, honkin' Chicken-fried Chicken dinner with 3 sides at the Cracker Barrel. That stuff sticks to your ribs - for hours and hours! LOL...

        Tom (formerly known as PhotogTom)

        5K - 25:16, 10K - 55:31,  15K - 1:20:55,   HM - 1:54:54

          Happy President's/Family Day.


          So last week sucked again, but at least I did some running. I'm hoping to get things back on track this week, and I started out with 9 miles @ 8:15 w/ 5 miles Hudson fartlek - 30 sec @ 1500m every 3 min. I didn't touch anywhere near 1500m pace, but it was nice to give the legs a jolt with some faster running. I probably could have used a few more easy days though to start the week.


          My first race is in less than a month!

            I'm really not linking rest days. I'd rather be running or working out.

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              11.7 miles @ 8:12/mile.  Would have gone for more, but my gut had other plans, so I headed home.  Sucked too, was having a great run, just cruising, nice and smooth, one of those runs where you get in the groove and you feel like you could run forever.  Love those runs. Smile


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                Recovery run: 8.1 miles at 8:43 pace.  It was unremarkable other than the fact that I was running on the track with three other Olympic speed skaters including Shani Davis, the current 1000 m and 1500 m world record holder.


                  Dave - awesome run.


                  RMto3B - Three other Olympic speed skaters. We're you the first?


                  Go figure

                    Dtothe2nd...great run...that is too bad you had to cut it!


                    BPLUS...nice to see you back to your motivated ways

                    Trying to find some more hay to restock the barn

                      Beth, yeah, -2 calls for the TM. Just think: Three. More. Days!

                      jedigunnie 26.2, great job having done a run, strength exercise, and core work already. Have fun with DS tonight.

                      Rick, I hope that you've had a relaxing rest day.


                      Robert, I hope that your 10K goes well.


                      DaveP MI, I'm glad that yoga went well.


                      AprilRunner, I hope that your six-mile run tonight was amazing.


                      Damaris, I hope that you enjoyed your well-earned massage.


                      BruceD555, I'm glad that you did your recovery run. I've dealt with machine hogs who aren't even using the machines, but prevent someone else from using them. I do the same a you.


                      Sarah, you ran five miles reaaaally early.


                      Shari, nice long run an sweet repeats.


                      Fuzzy, I hope that you had an excellent recovery run.


                      AmiK, bravo running six miles and doing ab work so early.


                      Gustav, bravo on running four mile this morning. It's great to see you at it again.


                      Brava, MtbBikerChk!


                      Happy Healing, Phil! You'll be back at it before you realize it.


                      DCDan78, great job finishing the three-miler.


                      FreeSoul87, I'm glad  you enjoyed your run outdoors. Why not wait for Wednesday and see how you feel then?


                      outoftheblue, today and yesterday are well-earned SRDs.


                      scottydawg, I like how you and DW share an enthusiasm for activity.


                      SIAR, excellent job doubling today.


                      Heidi, I hope that your recovery run was refreshing.


                      Zelanie, congratulations on your first virtual half!


                      Tom, I hope that you managed to fit a run into your day.


                      Jimmy, welcome aboard! Sweet 5K pace.


                      Dan_The_CPA, I hope that your RD was relaxing and refreshing.


                      Tom, nice run. Nicer dinner!


                      B-Plus, great start to the week.


                      Dave, amazing run, wonderful pace.


                      Heidi, sweet recovery run.


                      3.20 easy miles at 5.2mph (11:32) on the TM. I was going for 4.0, but duty called. I also did ab work before dinner.


                      Good night, everyone.

                      Bad Ass



                        Recovery run: 8.1 miles at 8:43 pace.  It was unremarkable other than the fact that I was running on the track with three other Olympic speed skaters including Shani Davis, the current 1000 m and 1500 m world record holder.



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                          Step - hope you get a better night's sleep today


                          Luke - hmm, I've heard about post-race illness, hope it doesn't stick with you


                          Sparker and Kay - enjoy the rest days


                          FLA - it was almost that warm today up here in Siberia, must be really awful to a Floridian.


                          Schnauzer - plenty of time to do a full training cycle for Sept.


                          Beth - hah, that looks suspiciously  like my back yard.


                          Jedi - nice job


                          Rick - 2 hours of glorious dozing, lucky you


                          Robert - hope the 10k goes well


                          DaveP - strava sounds like an artificial sweetener


                          April - new routes are fun, unless there are unleashed dogs on them.  Then, not so much.


                          D - hope you're enjoying the cold


                          Sarah - nice job on the fast run.  P.S. Brett Hull = foot in the crease = no goal.  *cries* Wink


                          Fuzzy - hola


                          AmiK - yes, sub 4:00 pace.  Kenyans? Pffft.


                          Gustav - Wegmans is the shit.  I feel sad for people who do not have access to a Wegmans.


                          MtnBiker - well, it's a start...


                          Baboon - slacker!


                          DCdan - outdoors


                          Free - trees are good like that


                          OOTB - good idea


                          Scotty - I prefer Chai Tea to Tai-Chi


                          SIAR - good call after lighting it up yesterday


                          Heidi - is your coach Canova?  If not, he should be Tongue


                          Zelanie - nice D


                          Tom - enjoy the weather


                          jblack - hi


                          Bruce - when they take away our knives, only criminals will have knives...


                          DanCPA - :/


                          B-Plus - how are things going up there without the Penny?


                          D^2 - no place to poo on the run?


                          Basya - good night


                          3.87 regeneration miles instead of the SRD, taking advantage of mild temps and moonlight, jogged at 8:54 pace.  It was great to just be outside enjoying a nice peaceful night.