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How Awesome is Scottydog? (Read 109 times)

    I was just back from my run today when UPS dropped off a care package for my dog Zoe from Scottydog!  Not only is he loved by all the dogs of San Antonio, but he put together a box of stuff for Zoe since she is recovering from back surgery.



    Being in a cage is so much more fun with all of this cool stuff!


    Zoe keeps going back and forth between her different toys, trying to decide which one is the most fun.  She's been knocking them off of her bed and then pouncing on them to pick them up again.  And the Nylabone should be great to keep her occupied for a while. Smile


    Here is a video of Zoe playing with the fishy as Mia tries to sneak the sheep out of the pen.


    Hopefully the treats will give her the eye of the tiger as she works on her recovery!  Thank you so much, it was very thoughtful!


    PS- From the brochure, it looks like there might be a colon cancer race coming to my area at some point.  If Zoe is better, maybe she can run it with me.


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      Awwww how sweet


        Mia snuck in and stole the sheep while I had Zoe outside to go potty.  She's running around the living room squeaking it.

        Don't call me Buttercup!

          How sweet!   Wishing a speedy recovery to Zoe!

          Slow and steady wins the....  wait a second! I've been lied to! 


            Scotty is the best! He's a ray of sunshine. We're lucky to have him here. 


            I hope that Zoe is doing well. She has a good family with her. 

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                Scott is awesome! A genuinely nice guy. I hope Zoe is feeling better soon.



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                  Awww! Big grin Scotty is indeed very awesome! And sneaky Mia cracked me up!


                    ScottyDawg totally Rocks!!


                    Running is stupid


                      Awww, that's so nice. I hope Zoe enjoys all the goodies!

                      Jack K.

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                        Scotty, have I mentioned that I'm very sick and my running shoes are worn out? Wink

                        Hip Redux

                          How cool!



                            Outstanding Scotty, so considerate.


                            Jack i am confused are you looking for a squeaky toy, for your bare feet running?

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                                Very nice - there's nothing like an unexpected gift to really make you feel good.  Long distance hikers call it trail magic, but it happens everywhere.