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    The "Penguin" daily threads were originally conceived to emphasize that all members of the community have a place on the boards. Encouragement, motivation, a little love nip (you will love one, give it a try!) or even a little kick in the pants when needed -- it can happen here. Basically, we celebrate just getting out there and moving our tails!What is "slow"? "Slow" is a perception but one of the common benchmarks is the 10:00/mi pace; but there's no firm line. In fact, there are many of us that have slipped past this, and just hope that no one notices and revokes their "igloo privileges." Wink It can be confusing for the forum newbies, but we're not one of the teams in any of the fine games. It's a totally open group, so stop lurking, post an introduction of yourself dive in and join the fun! No application necessary! There might even be a lovely picture for Scotty (we love pics!)



      Since I am on Alaska time now, I figure I start the thread today (as it is about 9:30 p.m. here, but 12:30 a.m. CST).


      I have a 5K planned today in Quebec (through my treadmill of course--have to love Google Maps).


      Unfortunately I haven't been running lately because I've been busy setting up the new "igloo." It is rather nice here, or so I think. One day it will be NEGATIVE 28° and the next it will be in the single digits. Until I get used to things around here, I plan on running on a treadmill. There are many layers of snow and ice all around me, so I don't exactly feel safe running on it just yet.


      I hope everyone is doing well. Looking forward to joining the group more often again. Big grin


      Smaller By The Day

        Rach - I'm glad that you made it there, and are settled in enough to have your treadmill and computer.  This is possibly the earliest penguins thread that I can remember Smile  You've taken away my ability complain about the temp here in Indiana without feeling like a wuss.  When you decide to try running outdoors, are you going to have to worry about wildlife?


        AFM - Tonight is a just lower body weights and core work.  The reality of 3 race registrations is still setting in.  I just looked at the fridge, and saw them all posted on the door.  It's pretty exciting, but I still have a little, "WTF were you thinking?".


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        Fear is a Liar

          Good Morning Rach, Awood, and other Penguins to follow!


          Rest day for me and pondering my training up to Wednesday as I won't be getting home until 10:30 the next few nights. Looked at my training log and had 7 hours of cardio last week. Add to that the weights at the gym and body weight exercises at home. Now I know why my couch is feeling neglected!


          Have a Happy MLK day!

          I'm so vegetarian I don't even eat animal crackers!


          Smaller By The Day

            Gustav - You've been working your tail off.  If life gets in the way for a couple of day, you'll be fine.


            Weight 100 pounds lost

            5K 31:02 Sept. 2012 / 23:36 Sept. 2013 (Same Course)

            10K 48:59 April 2013

            HM 2:03:56 Nov. 2012 / 1:46:50 March 2013

            MARATHON 3:57:33 Nov. 2013


              1 mile done this morning.  Getting myself back in the groove of waking up early to run, after taking the week off last week due to the nasty stomach bug. Smile


              Smaller By The Day

                Awesome job Amanda.  Working out early is tough sometimes, but pretty rewarding.


                Weight 100 pounds lost

                5K 31:02 Sept. 2012 / 23:36 Sept. 2013 (Same Course)

                10K 48:59 April 2013

                HM 2:03:56 Nov. 2012 / 1:46:50 March 2013

                MARATHON 3:57:33 Nov. 2013

                Bad Ass

                  Morning!  SRD for me as I head to the doctor and to meet a fellow forumite for lunch.


                  Rach, hope everything is going well in Alaska.  How is your dad doing?



                  "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

                  It's always fucking hot in Miami! (except for 3 days of the year)


                    Hello rach, glad you are getting settled. I was just about to complain about tomorrows high of freezing.  I cant imagine -28.  I will have to find something else to whine about now.  They say the ratio of men to women in Alaska is 10-1. Hubba hubba. Are you finding that to be true?  That will keep ya warm.  Wink wink.


                    Awood, you will be ready for all those races.  Dont even sweat it.


                    Gustav, dont forget to chillax once in awhile.


                    Amanda, we all had noravirus about 3 years ago.  It is 100 times nastier than a typical stomach virus.  Me and DH thought we were literally dying.  Yay for your mile.


                    D, enjoy your lunch.


                    SRD for me, althought I will stretch, roll, yoga, and myrtl later.  Cold weather is headed here tomorrow.  Boooo.


                    Jimmy, from last night, congrats on you pretty 10 miler.  You could do another 5k easily after that.  You will be just fine for Mercedes. Im betting you are feeling much better about it now, eh? Nice bling in your future.  Oh and RTR!





                      Good morning!

                      I tried a couple of times to post over the weekend, but everytime I hit POST, it wouldn't go through....not sure what was up with that.

                      Anyway, I had a nice weekend.....4 mile run Saturday and a 3 mile yesterday with some ab work and lower body strength moves.  The one thing I was very proud of, was I FINALLY heard the click and "got" the easy, conversational pace down for what my long runs are to be.


                      Due to school being off today, there were, of course, extra kids at my house.  So I had to forego the treadmill this morning due to some of the kids crashed out downstairs (although 2 were STILL awake at 5 am playing Xbox that I had to tell to get to sleep NOW).  I will get that run in when I get home rom work....3.5 on tap.


                      Rach-How exciting of a move that has to be for you!!!!!


                      Awood- I keep having that WTF was I thinking moment everytime I look up at my HM registration.


                      Gustav- YUCK on your getting hom so late.  Don't feel guilty about life happening for a few days.


                      Amanda- Good job on getting up early.  That is when I prefer to get it done too or I have every excuse not to get it done.


                      Damaris and Traci- have a great day.

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                        Good morning Penguins!  Thanks for the early start Rach!  Enjoy your run today!


                        Awood, I don't think you have much to worry about!  You are going to do great!


                        Gustav, neglecting the couch is a wonderful thing!  Congrats on all the hard work you are putting in!


                        Amanda, sorry to hear you were sick!  Very smart to ease back in to running!


                        Damaris, enjoy lunch and the RD!


                        Traci, enjoy the RD, yoga, stretching, etc!  We've got colder weather on our doorstep as well.  This weekend was beautiful with highs in the 50's and now we're going to struggle to get above freezing.  (But I'm not complaining've got us all beat with the cold temps!)


                        Jen, great job on your weekend runs!  Enjoy your run later!


                        AFM, I ran three miles this morning.  I usually rest on Mondays after my Sunday LR, but knowing how crazy last week was at work, I thought I'd take the opportunity the day off gave me and get some miles in today, just in case.


                        Have a great day everyone!



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                          A quick hi before heading to bed.


                          6M @ 9:30 done. Cutback week for me. So, taking it easy and continue to tidy up my place.

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                            Hey everyone!


                            Easy recovery run on tap for me today, might head back to the lake, it's really nice there and my ITB loved the dirt trail. Smile


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                              Hi Penguins!

                              Running has been dismal this week - just  not enough hours in my day during the winter!   I still have no internet at home so I haven't been here in a bit but Comcast is sending someone out on Wednesday to try to figure it out.  Nothing like paying $$$ for service and not receiving it. lol!


                              Hope everyone is more productive on the running  front than I am and is having a great day!

                                Rach, glad to hear from you and that you are getting settled in. That sounds awful cold, but I'm sure it's not the same type of cold as here.


                                Hello to everyone!


                                I started trying to do 5 x 1200's at 10k pace, and after the 1st one, I just felt extremely fatigued in my legs. I finished with a run/walk and stopped at 4.75 miles. I really think the workout from last Monday is what done me in. I hope to get through this week with easy runs, and maybe towards the weekend, I'll have my mojo back. Getting ready to head over to my appt with pulmonoligist and to get the results from the biopsy. I'll check in later to let everyone know how it went. I'm on night shift this week too, and I already feel a little grumpy.