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Run for Boston bracelets have been shipped. (Read 269 times)

Bad Ass


    I wore mine on Saturday.



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    It's always fucking hot in Miami!

      Got it. It works well with the Garmin watchCool


      PR's : HM 1:51:15  -  5K 21:27




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        J, sent you a PM for follow up.





          Still waiting here too. Was there correct postage for shipping to Canada?


          Super B****

            I didn't get mine either, and I'm in the US.  The postal service is slightly more than extremely unreliable, so this really isn't surprising.

            chasing 5:59


            because i never shut up ... i blog


            Caretaker/Overlook Hotel

              Got mine today!  Thanks for following thru, J!


              Dad on the run.

                If there is anyone who still hasn't got theirs by Friday please let me know and I will try and find out what's going on. I had tried to send them out friday before last and the postal guy told me I had to ship them as packages and not "letters" so it was going to be 2.07 instead of the .66 I spent on the previous 70+. I went back the following Friday to pay the extra amount and the guy who helped me the first time was there and said that was stupid and they were only .66 and he could just mark them as non-machinable. I think the second guy was just being a big ol' douche.

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                  I received mine this week. Very happy.


                  Has the $$ gone to the family yet? Just wondering their reaction.