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    Well, everything except pictures!  I went to the race by myself, and it was very low key, so unless someone from the club snapped a pic of me, there will be no photographic proof of my accomplishments today. Smile


    Ran the Independence Middle School 5k this morning, it's part of my running club's Grand Prix series.  I've been looking forward to this race, since I knew my previous 5k PR (20:23) was a little soft given my recent half PR.


    Checked in at 8:30, picked up my bib, noticed there was no timing tab on the bib, and we didn't get ankle chips, so I asked how we were going to be timed.  It's all off of the gun time and you get a card when you cross the finish line.  I've seen other people on here talk about races being timed like that, this was my first one like this.  So I made sure to line up at the front.  Given last year's results, if I could pull off a sub-20, I should be in the top 10.


    Warmed up for a couple of miles with some strides and then toed the line, literally, this was the first time I actually lined up on the starting line, it was kind of neat.  Horn blows and we're off, a huge pack takes off ahead of me, wtf?  There's got to be 20 people ripping ahead at a pretty fast pace, who invited all the fast people???


    Mile 1:  I started to hang with the pack, then looked down at my watch and realized we were pulling a 5:30/mile pace.  So I slowed down, and hoped that I hadn't burned too much energy.  Felt good, holding steady, ended up with a 6:04/mile average pace.


    Mile 2:  The pack that took off ahead of me starts dropping one by one as I cruise past them, I latched on to a couple of runners ahead of me and tried to maintain pace with them, 6:12/mile average pace, starting to slip a little, but still on track for a solid sub-20.


    Mile 3:  I think I let my mind get the better of me in this mile, this is something I need to work on.  My legs felt fine, breathing was a lil labored, but hey, it's a 5k, right?  I let my pace fall off and didn't/couldn't push myself to pick it back up.  6:27/mile average pace.


    I don't know what my kick was, because I didn't save my run on my Garmin, but I had a pretty decent kick left in me.  Hit the 3 mile marker and let what I had left loose.


    Results:  19:26, 3rd place AG, 9th place OA out of 298 runners.  Big grin


    Overall I'm very happy.  Sub-20 with only a year of running under my belt, definitely can't complain.  Especially given the fact that I still have yet to do any speed work.  I'm a little disappointed in my mental strength, but I know that it's something I can work on and improve.  Talking to my wife after the race, she called me a wuss because I don't push hard enough. lol  In describing the race to her, I realized that there was minimal to no discomfort, slight suckage, but not nearly what there should be, which tells me that I'm still not pushing hard enough.  I think this is where speed work will help me, to learn to push and maintain that pace.


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      Congrats on a fantastic race, Dave!!  You are so freaking fast!!   Keep up the hard work and you'll be smashing this new PR very soon!!

      But The Smile That I Sent Out Returned With You.

        Congrats Dave! Nice time, I think we all struggle with the mental demons, I know I sure do.

        Bad Ass

          I commented on the dailies, but I say it again, for such a new runner, you have so much speed.  I cannot wait to see how the next year goes for you!



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          It's always fucking hot in Miami!

          Jack K.

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            Great race, D2! Man, that is smokin' fast!!!


              Woo hoo!  Great job Dave.

              delicate flower

                Great race, Dave!  Congratulations!  Indeed, you've got a lot more speed in you.  It'll be interesting to see you progress even more.


                Ball of Fury

                  Awesome job!!  And seriously, you ran a sub 20:00 and didn't push hard enough?  Ridiculous!

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                    Congrats, I know this was one of your goals!! So proud of you. Imagine what you can do once you mix in some speedwork and stuff--18's are next!! But for now, you ran an awesome time (totally crushed sub-20--no squeaking in just under!!). Soak it in Smile

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                      Congrats Dave! Imagine what you can do with the speedwork!



                        I think you pushed as well as you could have late, given your pace in the early stages of the the race.  Had you run a 6:04 right out of the gate, you might have shaved a few seconds off your other miles and felt better about your race overall.


                        As it is, 5k's are incredibly difficult to master, even for masters!  I would say you are doing a helluva job what with running only one year and that the sky is the limit!


                        Nice racin' Dave!


                          Whoa! Bravo, you are fast! Congratulations on your PR and AG award!

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                            I knew you would do it but I am still super impressed. Congratulations. Smile


                              Well, even without pics I'm going to believe you!  CONGRATULATIONS, Mr Speedy demon you!   Someone that's recently started running and losing weight should not expect to pull out the amazing times that you do!  Very proud of you, Dave!


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                                Great time, you are fast.