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Garmin 405CX questions (Read 32 times)



    I've had my Garmin 301 since July 2008. The HRM strap is all stretched out, and the rubber USB cover has broken off, but its still operational and I am totally familiar with it.


    Any thoughts on this 405CX. I recall bezel issues with the original ones, but the pictures on this one look like  its been changed.


    Appreciate any opinions!


    Someone else posted this on the Gear page.


    I thought it might get more responses here.  I've been eyeing Garmin of all types.  I've really had my eye on a 210.  (Love the white one!)  But I've gotten stuff from often and this is a pretty good deal if people like the 405 and Garmin does a good job with refurbishing.


    What say you?


      I think Garmin does a good job with refurbishing.


      I bought my 405 in July of 2009 and used it until July of 2012.


      Other than being gross from sweat and sunscreen, it just needed a new battery, desperately, and otherwise was still fully functional.  My husband has had his for about 6 months longer, and his battery is just starting to crap out now (didn't quite make it through is 20 miler on Sunday).


      I'm guessing that as part of refurbishment, you get a new battery, considering the fact that they put a warranty on it as if it were new and they don't want to be replacing them more than they have to.


      The bezel never really bothered me that much, though I know it drove some people bonkers.  It had its annoying aspects, yes, but I learned how to deal with it.  Mostly, on really sweaty days I'd just lock the bezel on whatever screen I preferred.  I don't scan through screens that much while running anyway.

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        I've been using my 405CX for over a year and a half and I really like it. I don't use the bezel a whole lot. I only have one screen that I keep up during a run (distance, current lap pace, duration of run) but if you want more than one screen, you can have it auto-cycle through them. I don't think I've ever used the bezel to switch screens except to see the time of day.


        In the summer it does get a little freaked out if I sweat on it (or if it's raining) but if I think it's going to get wet I just lock the bezel when my run begins.

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          Wow, that's a great price especially with the HRM.


          I have the 410 and love it.  I've heard of the 405 bezel "issues" too but for a hundred bucks I'd live with it.  It's not like people say the bezel is a huge piece of junk and make the watch unusable...they say the bezel can be a little finicky.



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            I am SO tempted to get this.  Because I totally need another Garmin...

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              I haven't had any complaints with mine. At that price I may just have to buy one as a backup!

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                Yep, just lock the bezel before you take off for your run and you're golden.


                  I got one!  Total including 2 day shipping (only $4 extra) and tax $117.  YAY!!!  Now I can stop carrying my phone.  It will now find a home in my SPIbelt.  I know I could have used a sleeve so I didn't have to carry, but then I couldn't see my pace or my distance.  I am excited!

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                    Yep, just lock the bezel before you take off for your run and you're golden.


                    ^^^^^^^ THIS ^^^^^^^^^


                    I hated my Garmin 405CX until I learned how to lick the bezel.  Now I like it.


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                      Hehe, you said lick the bezel.