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2012in2012 Nag List Week 47 (Read 89 times)

    Here is a listing of runners who need to post in the 2012in2012 Club through Week 47.

    Please do not reply to this thread.  If you have, and I've addressed your comment, please delete your post to keep the thread "clean".


    Instead, please post your miles in the weekly mileage thread.  Week 47 postem.  You need to post by NOON Central Daylight Time on Wednesday, November 28th in order for miles to count towards individual awards and Head2Head competition. 

    I will update this list as time allows. This list was updated on Wednesday, November 28th at 9:28amm(eastern daylight time



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    Member Team
    cclarry 321-RUN!
    RestTomorrow 321-RUN!
    YMMV 321-RUN!
    FastTurtle Eat, Sleep, Run
    katom6878 Eat, Sleep, Run
    SlowNUnsteady Eat, Sleep, Run
    jomcd_90 Huffin Puffins
    MonkeyDog1 Huffin Puffins
    Tandan Huffin Puffins
    jeffbrig Road Kill
    peanutbutterFTW Road Kill
    Amanda in ATL Run Intended
    Dave-B Run Intended
    gtyogger32 Run Intended
    MiRM Run Intended
    stlboilermaker Run Intended
    ujmujm Run Intended
    bear2009 Running on Empties
    cc4life07 Running on Empties
    clanstett Running on Empties
    EatsFood Running on Empties
    Madcow75 Running on Empties
    mammahawk Running on Empties
    Shoshtastic Running on Empties
    huenix Scrambled Legs 'n'   Achin'
    lexapotomus Scrambled Legs 'n'   Achin'
    Striders Scrambled Legs 'n'   Achin'
    SueInTN Scrambled Legs 'n'   Achin'
    TR_Penguin Scrambled Legs 'n'   Achin'
    26mile The Lone Rangers
    Charles1968 The Lone Rangers
    SATXFreddy The Lone Rangers
    Start42Run The Lone Rangers
    cyrus 12 Thundercats
    JAC Runner Thundercats
    jeebeerunner Thundercats
    leptirica Thundercats
    oc mom Thundercats
    Lacer Wild Training Freaks
    momlikestorun Wild Training Freaks
    rpflash100 Wild Training Freaks
    RunningTD Wild Training Freaks






    The following teams have reached 100% posting:   Where's The Food?

    The following members need to post for previous weeks:

    Angelbethany - Wk 24

    26Mile - Wk 46

    500lbs2marathon - Wk 19

    BubbaJr - Wk 45

    CAGirlAtHeart - Wk 28 & Wk 40

    cclarry - Wk 41

    clanstett - Wk 31

    d-rav3 - Wk 31and 33

    Diver24 - Week 25

    hmshadow - Wk 13

    Hokie_Phd - Wk 45&46

    HokiePark - Wk 46

    huenix - Wk 37

    jcat01 - Wk 44

    jeffbrig - Wk 46

    jjchouinard - Wk 41

    jomcd_90 - Wk 43

    Lacer Wk 46

    Live2RunRun2Live - Wk 40

    melissa88 - wk 44 & 46

    MiRM - wk 44

    michael young - Wk 38

    MorganEdge - Wk 46

    newculprunner - Wk44

    Paul's Dad - Wk 37

    Provence - Wk 44 & 45

    PsychRunning - Wk 44

    Ram-rw - Wk 45 & 46

    rpflash100 - Wk 46

    Run Nai Run - Wk 44

    SATXFreddy - Wk 46

    seecynrun - Wk 45

    SlowNUnsteady - Wk 43 & 44*

    Start42Run - Wk 29 & 39*

    superbunny - Wk 44

    YCM - Wk 31

    Members noted with an * are in danger of being dropped from the game (3 missing posts)