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My busted knee thread aka WOE IS ME, WOE IS ME! (Read 659 times)

delicate flower

    The very idea of running a HM on a torn ACL, well that makes me cringe!  Of course I've never had a torn ACL, so maybe I'm ..  nope, it still makes me cringe!  We have a friend who tore hers clear through.  She had a transplant.  I had no idea they could do that, but she has a donor ACL. Cringeworthy and cool at the same time.


    Take it easy on that thing!



    Honestly I fully expected to be told "No running!", but the doc is actually encouraging me to run.  "Do whatever you can."


    BTW, it's cool to use docs who specialize in sports medicine.  I will never hear them tell me running is bad for you.



    Run Long, Hard, and Fast

      Rather than drag down the dailies or create my own thread, I'll just post here that I went to see the surgeon in Boston and discovered that I have not one but 2 hernieas that need repair (left and right inguinal). Surgery is next Wednesday the 23rd.


      Double fun! I had my left side done almost a year ago now. It is an outpatient procedure but it is a serious surgery...probably one of the more painful recovery surgeries. The 2 days after surgery are the worst and then it slowly gets better from there. Make sure not to stay in bed. I would make it a point to get up and walk around the house for a few minutes every hour. Do it no matter how bad it hurts. Walking up and down stairs is also recommended.


      I had mine for 7 years before I finally had the surgery done. When the hernia finally gives out, it is no fun. It got to the point where just the act of standing would make my intestines fall out. I would have to push them back in. I wore a hernia belt for a week prior to surgery just to be able to go to work.


      Good luck to you. I wish you a speedy recovery.


         Good luck to you. I wish you a speedy recovery.


        Thanks and thanks for sharing your experience SUS! I've heard from others that it hurts, but is best to get active as soon as you can.


        Best Wishes to you, Baboon, as well! (and sorry for the mini thread hijack)

        delicate flower

          Got my MRI results.  ACL and meniscus tears confirmed, along with some bone bruising.  Surgery is already being scheduled.  I'm actually feeling a little better about this.  If I can get the surgery done by the end of February, I should be able to run for half the year.  I also be biking again by the time all the snow melts.


          Better I Leave

            Here's hoping for a speedy and complete recovery bud! Smile

            Little Blue

              It sounds like you have a plan in place.  You'll be up and running (hehe) in no time.  After you follow doctor's orders, of course. Smile