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Mother of Cats

    Use this thread to introduce yourself to the 3:20-ers.  Respond below with your running history and goals, PRs, location (to the extend you feel comfortable posting it) and anything else you would like to post.

    Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


    And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.

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      Running stuff: Started running in 2005 (?) as a general fitness thing and found out I liked it. Because I'm dumb. Took some time off after setting a bunch of PRs in 2014, also because I'm dumb, and have struggled to get back into the swing of things ever since. Road racing PRs are 3:02/1:25/39:24/18:30.


      Personal stuff: I'm mostly just here to look pretty.


      Recovery Phenom

        Hello! I've been posting on Runner's World and using the RunningAhead training log since 2008. In fact, as I type this, I mark the 10-year anniversary of keeping my RunningAhead log. Ten years later, it has 19,032 miles.


        I've also kept a detailed blog of all my races, training, and reflections since 2007 which you can find at the link in my signature. It took me 7 years to finally qualify for Boston. And the journey was so life-changing that I wrote a book about it.


        I started running in 2001 as a fitness runner on a treadmill. I ran my first race in 2005 and became hooked.


        I live in the Washington DC metro area and I like to race all distances. Typically I run 1-2 marathons per year and a bunch of shorter races. I'm working with a coach from the McMillan Running Company, and I've made significant gains with him over the past 3.5 years. In 2018 I really want to run a sub 3:20 Marathon and a sub 20 5K.


        Personal details: I'm 39, married with no kids. I'm a marketing executive at a software company.

        26.2 x 26 (3:15:34 PR)

        13.1 x 33 (1:30:58 PR)

        Author of the book Boston Bound

        Up Next: Boston Marathon 2021

        A 3:20 Slowpoke

          Climberdaf = Dave. I was climberdave in the running world forum but it wasn’t available here.

          I’m 57 years old and have been running for right around 10 years.  I’ve been living and running in Flagstaff Az for nearly 2 years which Is a huge reason my last 3 marathons have been 3:20, 3:21 and 3:14.  Prior to moving here I had never raced faster than 3:26 in 12 marathons.  Elevation + trails + lots of miles.


          I’ve soaked up the wisdom and have been inspired by many of the 3:20ers.  They even took me back after I disappeared for a year.

          3:20 is a state a mind!!!

          PR's   5k - 20:39 (2014).  10k - 42:04 (2014)   13.1 - 1:30:30 (2014)   26.2 - 3:14:21 2017)

          Upcoming Races  -   Boston Marathon 4/18

          T Hound

          Slower but happier

            ive been running just a few years, started after age 40.  Was C2C before that w zero physical activity.  Literally nothing.  Half marathon was my first ever race 2013.  Then a couple weeks later marathon ( not pretty).  Then repeated that spring 2014.  Then first ultra, road 50 mile Fall 2014.  Since then ive been into trail and ultras for the last 3 years.  2017 stuff below. To be honest, its less painful on the body than the road marathons were for me.  I did my first 100 mile race this past November.  Im usually mid pack or back for 100k and yhe 100 mile.   Better w the 50 distance but nothing that would impress anyone. Im in the Chicago area and feeling that now w the cold.  Although im planning a spring 50k and fall 100 mile, inam basically doing marathon training (Pfitz) for the spring and interested in training excercise science and physiology...and also beer.  Oh yeah, i hate my ITB bands and want them removed. And i love my hounds...

            2020 goal:  couch to 5K, currently working on the couch block



            Mother of Cats

              Darkwave - female and 43 years old.  I'm in the part of Northern Virginia that is essentially Washington DC without the negatives of living in DC proper.  About 50% of my weekly mileage is run in DC or Maryland, not Virginia.


              I race pretty much everything from the mile (road only) to the marathon.  I avoid track races and I hate trails - I'm an asphalt/concrete princess.   I started running 10 years ago, at the age of 33, so I'm an adult onset runner.  My previous sport was horses - hunter-jumper to be exact.  If you want to see me riding at the age of 17, it's here.


              I train with a coach and a team (same coach for 7 years now, I think).  It's worked very well for me


              I have moderate-to-severe asthma (that's what they call it), am allergic to a whole slew of stuff, and have a bunch of auto-immune issues to boot.   I have not, as of yet, been diagnosed with hypochondria.  The asthma and allergies are managed fairly well with medication (all carefully checked to ensure it's allowed under WADA/USADA); I control the autoimmune stuff mainly by lifestyle (diet, etc) and occasionally meds.


              I'm injury prone and overtrain easily (possibly age, possibly autoimmune stuff) so a fair amount of my training is cross training (pool-running, swimming, yoga, weights), and I run my easy runs very slowly relative to my race paces.


              (I'm good with punctuation and grammar in general, but abuse parentheticals)


              I have a law degree and do ediscovery/workplace monitoring work for a large international corporation.  I telecommute full time and live very close to a track and an indoor pool - very convenient for training.  If you're wondering how I fit stuff in - that's how.



              I live with my boyfriend/partner of a decade and three cats, all defective (one has severe allergies, the other two are visually impaired).  A horse that is sound enough to live happily as a "pasture ornament" but can't be ridden completes our collection.

              PRs as of 1/1/2018:  Mile: 5:25; 5K:18:51; 10K: 38:56; 10 Mile: 1:03:55; Half: 1:26:32; full: 3:08:52

              Everyone's gotta running blog; I'm the only one with a POOL-RUNNING blog.


              And...if you want a running Instagram where all the pictures are of cats, I've got you covered.

              Brewing Runner

              3:56 marathoner at heart

                introduction millennial (34m) from the Californias (if you didn't know there is a Northern and a Southern. They don't get along too well) now living in the Nevada (not Ne-VAH-duh) who picked up running around 2014 because I was fat and wanted to do Tough Mudders. I've done four marathons, a couple half marathons and I'm aiming for a Marathon on 4/20/20 in Massachusetts. First time father in 2017 and for some reason I can't get the idea of running Western States 100 off my mind. I brew beer when I'm not running and I love drinking beer (sometimes too much) or trying new stuff from all over. I also won't turn down a Coors Light. It is pretty much a staple and can be treated as currency around my people.


                I like hockey and unlike this introduction my race recaps/reviews/reports are quite detailed (i should start a blog about them or something), contain NSFW language, and show you how random my thought process can be during a race (it isn't always focused on running). If you follow me on Strava you'll notice I have a streak going. I'm not sure when it started, why I continue it and when (if) it will end. I kind of wish I could answer at least the first part. For me running is about having fun, staying healthy, meeting new people, and pushing yourself to the limits.


                98% of what I run is roads. It's not that I hate trails I just hate hills, falling, and that mixture of dust and saliva that builds up. With that said I could see myself doing more trails once I get my 4/20/20 marathon medal.


                2018 running goals 4/20/20 marathon entry at Chicago 2018 (3:07 or faster). 2,018 miles. sub 20 5K (march 11) and sub 1:30 HM (april 11). Reno Tahoe Odyssey 6 man team finish. Stay injury free.

                1 mile: 5:38 (September 2018)

                5K: 20:23 (March 2018)

                10K: 42:11 (May 2018)

                Half: 1:29* (2019 CIM first half)

                Marathon 2:59* (2019 CIM)

                Annual Miles 2,121 miles

                *CIM is a NET downhill course and the weather is unpredictable.


                2020 Goal: Short Distance PRs so people won't make fun of me. 


                  This is how introducing yourself at parties should be. Everyone write a short bio and pass it around. Less pressure. Imaginary friends are the best!


                  Anyways, I'm Aaron, most people call me Ace (even my real life friends). I live in Knoxville, TN.  I'm 32 and have been running on and off since middle school. Took a few years off in college.  Early years were focused on shorter races, 5ks and such. I ran my first marathon in 2011 as a fundraiser. Loved the training, had a terrible race and swore off marathons. Six years later I went for it again and had a positive experience. I focus more on half and full marathons at the moment. Trying to balance life with 3 kiddos and training. Most of my running is on roads, although I'm surrounded by decent trails. I'd like to increase my trail running. I currently use a local coaching service and feel like I'm in the best shape I've been in since 2003-2004.


                  PRs listed in signature.

                  Goals: BQ before I die, Sub 1:25:00 HM, Sub 18:00 5k, Complete some "Bad Ideas" in 2018. Run more miles in 2018 than 2017 (1,590)


                  I'm married and have 3 kids under the age of 4 (girl, boy, girl). Not sure how that keeps happening. I work in family medicine as a PA and work 3, 12 hour days a week, which is nice for now. My oldest daughter is mildly interested in my running, but mostly interested in my after run chocolate milk, shake, or smoothie. My son is 18 months old and runs faster than his legs will go, which leads to lots of bumps and bruises. My youngest daughter is new to the world (11/14/17). My wife teaches kindergarten. We've been together for 10 years. Trying to get my wife back into running. She has completed some half marathons. She's wonderful and tolerates my training regimen and chronic purchasing of running gear.


                  Planned races for 2018 so far: Charleston HM (1/13), Knoxville 26.2 (3/25)

                  Road Mile: 5:19 (2017), 5k: 18:10 (2017), 10k: 37:10 (2020), HM: 1:21:55 (2020), M: 2:57:18 (2018)


                    I'm Rune, 44, married and with two kids, 16 and 11, and I work as a marine/structural engineer. I live in Berkeley, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and have the advantage of being able to train in mostly temperate conditions year round (as some of you will know already).


                    I did some running in my younger years and somehow managed to squeeze out my 5k PR of 19:44.4 back in HS, and I still can't fathom I was able to do that back then with the completely unorganized training I was doing back then. Pretty much exactly 7 years ago (December 20, 2010) I was in really bad shape and decided to go for a run. I ran 1.6 miles in about 18 minutes, and had to stop several times because I felt like I couldn't breathe. After several years of on and off short runs (less than 100 miles per year in 2012-2014) I finally got on a program late summer 2015.


                    I ran my first HM in November 2015, at the tail end of a cold, and it was a complete disaster. Followed up with the Paris Marathon in April 2016 and that kicked things into gear for me. I would probably consider 2016 to be a better year for me than 2017, but that might just be me. I set my HM PR of 1:36:07 about a month ago, but I don't feel like that was a particularly well run race for me, and I feel like I was in better shape than that at the time.


                    I have Crohn's disease and although I am extremely lucky with how little it affects me compared to some other people, it still affects me some. If I don't take iron supplements I will slowly become anemic, and I feel like I have more issues than most with having to find a bathroom during my training runs (it's never happened in a race though!). I've had about 4 feet of my small intestines removed in two different surgeries so that probably affects everything somewhat.


                    I have a few goals for 2018: Have a relatively light and easy outlook on my training and races to make sure I have fun, be more consistent in my training than in 2017, follow a proper training program (enough RLRF for me now), beat my HS 5k record, get under 1:30 on a HM, and under 3:20 on the full marathon. Apart from some bad heel issues I had in 2015 I've been pretty much injury free, and I hope to stay that way in 2018. I have two races on the calendar so far in 2018, the Bay Breeze Half February 11 and the Oakland Half (might run the full distance this day) March 25. Bay Breeze will be some sort of a tuneup/test race, but if I'm to follow the progression of paces in my training program from Jack Daniels even that race might result in a PR.

                    5k: 20:32 (1/17)  |  HM: 1:34:37 (2/18)  |  FM: 3:31:37 (3/18)




                      male, 53.  I live in Minnesota, not too far from Fargo, ND...the land of woodchippers.  Most of my winter running is on a treadmill or a the indoor track at the college where I teach.


                      Started running in 2010, mostly because of a conversation I was having with a student about my bad knees and back, and she suggested I try running.  What was she thinking??  7+ years later, my back issues have mostly disappeared, and knee pain is usually because of worn-out shoes, too much downhill running on the treadmill, or tight turns on a 200-meter indoor track.




                      Mileage:  3650

                      Black Canyon 100K:  Perform well in my age group, whatever that means.  And hopefully not almost die of hypothermia in the Arizona desert.

                      50M:  ?  I kind of want to run another 50M road race...don't judge me.

                      26.2M:  ?  Get back down to sub-3:00ish territory, but realistically that may not happen this year...or ever.

                      13.1M Trail:  Depending on where it is, I'd like to go run the USATF trail race again and "defend my title" (haha, that still makes me chuckle).

                      Additional stuff:  I've avoided short races for quite a while now.  I should probably get back to doing more of them.




                      100K:  Black Canyon 2017 (AZ), 14:10:06 (2/17)

                      50M:  The Fall 50 (WI), 7:32:27 (10/16)

                      26.2M:  Grandmas (MN), 2:59:14 (6/14)

                      13.1M:  1:23:27 (5/14)

                      10K:  39:08 (7/14)

                      5K:  19:08 (10/13)

                       10/4:  Twin Cities Marathon

                        I live in Rockville, Maryland (DC suburbs) and work in Arlington, Va. - after a long stretch working in downtown DC.  Lawyer for a federal agency.  My wife and I have three school-age sons.


                        I'm 44 and have been running regularly since 2009.  Our youngest son has a developmental disability, Sotos Syndrome.  During the high-stress pre-diagnosis and early childhood years, taking him out for a run in the jog stroller was the best thing I could do for him, me, and the rest of our household.  Tried racing to give the runs some more purpose, then set a goal of breaking 20 in the 5K.  En route to that realized my mileage could support an o-k marathon, so I gave that a try.  Wasn't happy with the result, tried it again with more focus, and was hooked.  Our youngest is now 9 - great to be around, good prognosis and personality, but too big for the jog stroller.  Which is too bad, because at 80 lbs. he made for a great workout and got me to Boston twice as a qualifier.


                        I like group training programs and am fortunate to be in a large club (Montgomery County Road Runners) that has lots of runners at my pace.  I'm doing their Winter Trails program now with a goal of breaking 6:00 in our club's 50K trail race in early March.  Then an Olympic tri in the spring, and something flat and fast in the fall for a BQ-5:00.


                        Will Run for Donuts!

                          Hi all,


                          I'm Tom, 48, married with 4 kids, two of which are or were high school XC runners.  Like several others here, I'm a resident of the DC Metro area (Woodbridge, Virginia) and a lawyer.  I started serious running in late 2011, when I finally decided the numbers on the scale were unacceptable and unhealthy.  At my peak, I was 208 pounds, and got down to ~180 when I ran my first marathon in 2012 (Richmond).  After a surprisingly strong 5K in spring 2013, I decided the unattainable goal of running a BQ might be attainable after all.  I dropped 20 more pounds, ramped up my mileage, and qualified for Boston in 2013 (Richmond again).  Unfortunately, I had to miss the race due to work, but qualified again in 2015 and actually ran Boston in 2017.  I'm returning to Boston in 2018 to run it with my brother, and have qualified for 2019 as well.


                          My PRs are 3:13:30 in the full and 18:45 in the 5K, both set within 10 days of each other in 2016.  I currently have no real plans to break those PRs in my lifetime, but that could of course change.  Mainly, I'm a 'lazy' runner, in that I log a decent number of miles (2000-2500 per year), but most of it is just easy running.  I dislike track workouts but occasionally run at tempo pace if I'm feeling like it.  My biggest focus in 2018 is trying to beat my half PR of 1:31:19; I'd like to go sub-1:30.  Longer term, I'd like to run the NYC Marathon as a qualifier, run Comrades Marathon in South Africa, and complete a rim-to-rim-to-rim crossing of the Grand Canyon.  I love trail running but don't do nearly enough of it, and have done 3 ultras, the longest being a 50-miler (because too much is never enough ).


                            Matt - 46y.o. - living near Charlotte, North Carolina  - wife - 3 kids (16 / 14 / 12).

                            I was not very active in high school or college, save for running the occasional laps at the stadium across the street from my dorm. My friends were very impressed the one time I gutted it out for 12 laps! After college I moved to Colorado and lived in the mountains for 12 years backpacking, skiing (downhill & cross-country), biking (mountain and road), and an occasional run. I also got married and had 3 children while in Colorado.

                            A job change and move to Kentucky took away a lot of the big outdoor activity options. I continued road biking and the occasional run, and eventually got myself a Nike+ setup and not long after that a Garmin 305. These motivated me to do both more often and watch the miles add up. Two years later, I moved to North Carolina and started running more often and trained for my first marathon using Higdon's beginner plan. I was hoping for a 3:30, but took a couple of walk breaks and finished in 3:32 (2009). In retrospect, not bad for a newbie.

                            I started training with some local running groups and decided to try for a 3:15 which at the time was a BQ for me. I didn't have any intention to go to Boston, just wanted to see if I could meet that standard. I ran the City of Oaks marathon in Raleigh in 3:15:13 (2010). They still had the 59 second grace period then, but what I didn't know was that my BQ was actually 3:20 because I would have aged up before the race that I could have registered for, so I had a good 4+ minute cushion.

                            In 2011 I got ambitious and trained for a sub-3 marathon, but did not run nearly enough miles. In Richmond that fall, I was on pace for the first 18 miles, but couldn't keep it up and finished with a 3:11. No marathons in 2012, but ran a 3:12 in 2013 (Charlotte) after a "just wing it" training cycle. I was a last minute addition as a pace leader for the first half of the 2014 Charlotte marathon. I stayed with the 3:20 group until about mile 20, but I faded and finished with a 3:24. There was another stronger leader who finished on time.

                            At the end of 2014, I started following the sub-3 thread at RWOL and learned more about what it would take to get there. I read most of Pfitzinger's "Advanced Marathoning" book and began training for a 39 minute 10k and a 1:25 half to see if simply training for a sub-3 was feasible. I was just slightly over on both of those but felt I was getting in better shape and had a good base to go for it. I used the 18 week 70 mpw plan. During that cycle I dropped my half time to 1:23:32 and felt good going into the full at Charlotte (it's local, makes it easy). I ran a 2:58:46 there. Two other running buddies also ran well and we all signed up for Boston 2017.

                            I had that Plantar Fasciitis in the fall of 2016 and did not have a good base going into the Boston training. I did the 12 week / 70mpw Pfitzinger plan and felt decent going into Boston. The heat, lack of a great training cycle, walking around too much the day before, and/or calf cramps during the race got to me and I shuffled in for a 3:50 - a big personal worst!

                            Now I'm on week 9 of the 18 week / 70mpw plan again and being hopeful for a possible sub-3 in March.


                              35 yo male statistician from Argentina here, currently living in Vienna, Austria. Due to different types of adventures, over the last 12 years I've lived in Argentina, New Zealand, Vancouver (Canada), Ottawa (Canada), Chile and now Austria. Also, I just had my second daughter (first one is 1 year 9 months) on January 4th. Always loved sports (was decent at soccer, tennis and basketball), but never really liked running that much. Having never run a race before, or more than 10 km in one go FWIW, in 2015 I decided to train (poorly) for a HM, which I finished in 1h38m.


                              The next step was a marathon, which I ran in 3h28m, training off of a plan from the runkeeper app in 2016.


                              In 2017, I decided to take things more seriously and train more consistently. First step: sign up to these fora. I learnt a lot from the RW forum and continue to do so here in RA. Second step: train. I trained using parts of a Jack Daniels plan for a HM in March (missed all of January due to a broken toe) and ran it in 1h27. After a break in April, in May I started training for the Berlin Marathon, using the 2Q Jack Daniels plan. Training went very well, averaging 60 mpw for the 18 weeks, with 4 weeks between 70 and 80 mpw. I set my FM PR in Berlin with 3h04 (tried to go sub-3 but didn't have it in me) and HM PR in August during Marathon training with 1h23. During 2017, I ran just over 2,000 miles, a personal best by quite a bit obviously.


                              In 2018, I will go for a couple more attempts at a sub-3 marathon. I'm signed up for Paris in April and eyeing another marathon in October (Dublin or Amsterdam probably). Goals are to go sub-3 and PR at the HM if possible. It will be hard with a newborn, and I will try to do it on lower mileage than Berlin, but I'll give it a try nevertheless.

                              5K - 18:03 (5.18) | 10K - 37:58 (2.18) | HM - 1:20:45 (9.18) | FM: 2:57:59 (10.18)

                                Hellooooo!    Now is a good time as ever to hop on the train I suppose.


                                Little background, 42 F, RN drowning in overtime.  Married, no kids. Husband who also runs.  2 dogs who don't.  Just relocated to Orlando Florida and have been feeling very isolated in the running area.  "Back home" I had a great group of competitive girls that we did track workouts together, races together, coffee talks after.   They were all crazy faster than me but somehow it all worked.  I love surrounding myself with like wise minds.   Now it is just me trying to see if really want to plug into solidly formed running clubs that are always running when I am always working.  Blah blah blah  Not sure I fit in anyway ( I have always felt like I came from the island of misfit toys)   I love to train.  Even though I am not as fast as ya'll ---it would be great to follow here just to feel a part of a competitive group again.


                                Running backgroud:  Coming back from a injury where I was told that I would probably never run pain free again.  By not 1, or 2, but three different doctors.  (large Herniated disk L5-S1)  I refused the surgery because I am a nurse--and we are always the worst patients.   2 long years of PT, lots of pool time, hours and hours of yoga, acupuncture and bunch of other hippie craft I am back on the roads.


                                BQ'd twice before, and was too injured (torn fascia) to actually run the stupid thing.   Took me 2 years to work up to that BQ, so I figure it will take me another 2 years to get back in race shape.  1 year down, 1 to go.  I feel like I have a lot of unfished business!   Back with my old coach from home, and we are both working on a big solid base INJURY FREE.   If I don't make it won't be time wasted as they say.  I have embraced this journey of working my way back.


                                My marathon PR is 5 years old.  The race where I tore my fascia-- was on track for a 3:25, fell, and hobbled to a 3:33.  3 months in a boot was bought with that one!   My goal isn't too greedy, a 3:30 would be just lovely.  Thinking of something local here next Jan 2019.   Also really would like to get that sub 1:35 HM and break 20 minutes in the 5K--was so close when I got injured.


                                I am very excited to see several masters on here!  I do swing back and forth on if I am getting too old for all this.  :-)  Thanks for having me!  Roz...