Bayshore Marathon


I met Mishka and didn't know it... (Read 181 times)


    Before the race and after we talked.  He looked familiar--could not place the face.  Congrats on  a great race despite your difficult second half.  Funny thing is it hit me in the car after lunch--much too late.  Great time!  Hope to meet you next year.

    Princess Cancer Pants

      You never would have been unable to place one else on the course had a camouflage running skirt on! Big grin

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        Thanks a lot Joe!  And congrats on your race!  Well done!


        I have to say, I was such a bundle of nerves in the last moments before the race that I don't remember many conversations I had.  Did I talk to you about pace?  That's one I remember!  If I did, you were talking about going out at 7:00 pace, and the trick was to be patient.  Patience would have been a good thing to keep in mind right around 10.  Oops.


        I do hope to get back next year and look forward to meeting you again then!


          Patience was the topic--you looked great after the half.  Terrific race.