Bayshore Marathon


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Princess Cancer Pants

    Heh, just thought it might be useful to have a thread just showing where we all are staying (you know, so the designated driver(s) knows where to haul our passed-out asses back after post-race revelry)... Baymont: Kirsten/Zoomy, Rick/rvelich, jhallum Hampton: Mike/Q, GWL: Cory/Corland, Kevin/hawk4932 Ok...where are the rest of you staying? Post it and I will update the list above.

    '17 Goals:

    • Chemo

    • Chemo-Radiation

    • Surgery

    • Return to kicking my own ass by 2018


    She was not strong. She was valiant. Radiant. Brave and broken. The beauty she discovered in the aftermath was unparalleled to anything she had known before, because it had come at such a cost.

    ~ Unknown

    Hail to The Victors!

      Baymont, I think.