Bayshore Marathon


Barefoot dude (Read 211 times)


    So far no one has commented on the guy that ran barefoot--the whole enchilada at sub 3 hour pace.  Am I the only one who watched  the bottom of his feet go cruising by?  They were pretty filthy I might add.  Dude was a beast to say the least!!

    Think Whirled Peas

      Ya know, I missed him, as someone we were running with mentioned seeing a barefoot runner early in the race.  I looked for a while but then gave up as I got to grinding out the late miles.



      I LOVED the out-and-back nature of this course, particularly w/the half marathoners starting at the opposite end.  It gave me a chance to look for (and see) damn near everyone at least once throughout the race.  Made for some cool moments.  Seeing Jeremy smiling and clicking off mileage and then ZZ and Randy all happy-go-lucky was pretty cool.


      The more I look back at this race the more I'm falling in love w/it! Smile

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        That guy was pretty amazing, Joe.  Was I standing next to you when I was talking to him before the race?  I got in a few inane questions before I realized he'd probably answered every one of them 100 times before.  The best was a minute or two into the were still running near me...a couple guys behind us were talking to him, and asked, "So, does it hurt when you step on a pebble?"  The guy's answer was priceless.  "It's depends on the size of the pebble."


        He was right there with me at about 10 miles in.  He'd gone by me a few miles earlier and his feet were black.  The sound of his feet going pit-pat-pit-pat on the pavement was so cool!

          Last year there was a barefoot chick.  I passed her somewhere near halfway.  Talk about HTFU...damn.

          Princess Cancer Pants

            ...and then ZZ and Randy all happy-go-lucky was pretty cool.


            The more I look back at this race the more I'm falling in love w/it! Smile

            Ha, you saw me BEFORE things got ugly and I stopped smiling. Tongue

            I think the highlight of the race was seeing Mishka way up was like seeing a rock star!  Heck, seeing all of you peeps ahead of me was kind of like running with celebrities. Smile

            Yeah...I still loved the race and am 100% certain that it will be my Spring marathon next year.  I am so glad that peer pressure got the best of me and I registered on a whim. Big grin

            As for the barefoot guy...I saw him AND a guy in 5 Fingers right about the same time.  They were hauling some serious ass. 

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