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Wow... do I feel dumb now! Live and learn... (Read 182 times)

    Ok, so when I was learning to ride I had cadence drilled in to me as being super-important.  High cadence = most efficient for hill climbing.  Right?


    Well, not if you're already in your lowest gear and getting your butt kicked by the hill.


    Yes, I've been riding for months now and am just NOW figuring this out!  Lowest gear plus SLOW pedaling = me getting up that Beast of a hill without stopping.  Finally!




    I'd been in that lowest gear and trying to use high cadence even though I was totally out of breath every 100 yards or so...




    Live and learn!

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      And sometimes I can get partway up a hill with more efficiency by using a harder gear and standing while I pedal.  But I don't usually do this for long before I revert to lower gear and butt in the saddle.  Variety...spice of life and all.

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        Or you bang up on to the big ring and up on your toes and outta the saddle and you CLIMB that mutha! Yeah baby!

          this summer i logged a ton of miles with a friend and we always had opposite approaches to this. he would stay in gear and haul up while i would drop a couple and save my quads. he would beat me every time.