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'Tis the season to be (FAT and) Jolly! (Read 77 times)

Needs more cowbell!

    Last year we bought our son (currently almost 12) a brand new Redline Conquest 24 CX bike with the assumption that he'd get 2 years out of it. So a year later he has outgrown it. *sigh* Maybe a month ago he had the opportunity to ride an XS Salsa Mukluk...and it's all he's talked about ever since. He even has tried to help his dad repair a flat on his big Mukluk.

    DS and I will likely have a year or two where we can both fit an XS...the only thing stopping us is price (I believe the 3 retails for >$1600). If only used XSs were easy to come by. But wait!!! A friend let us know that a tiny mutual friend had offered to sell her the 2012 Muk 3 that she'd put all of 70 miles on...for a mere $1000! Since our prospective buyer friend is broke from 2 trips to Paris to see her DH as he works there for 10 months she passed the word onto us. Of course we're all over it!

    DS is gonna crap his pants in a week!

    We already have plans to drill out the stock rims to save some weight.  I can't wait for my wrist to be healed so that I can ride!

    '17 Goals:

    • Keep doing stuff.

      Everything about this is awesome. You all a going to have so much fun on this bike.







      Needs more cowbell!

        Rugrat in action:

        '17 Goals:

        • Keep doing stuff.

        fear the Col Sanders

          Nice work.  It looks like fun.


          I'll throw in some of my 2' of snow outside to make it more entertaining for him.   Joking


          I need to rent one of those fat tired numbers and try it out.

          Just because I look dumb doesn't mean I'm not...