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    The LeMond revolution is, per reviews I've read:


    • A really cool idea
    • Well made
    • Expensive
    • The most realistic of any trainer short of rollers
    • PAINFULLY loud. Like you'd need earplugs, and doing it in an apartment would be out of the question.

    Regarding your frame, I had a crack show up in a 2004 Specialized Roubaix Pro frame - fork was fine. They gave me a new frame AND fork, as the fork is matched to the frame. Might check with the dealer you're dealing with to see what the specific deal is. And I just used deal three times in one sentence.




    I went on youtube and watched some videos and reviews of the revolution. Yup. You are right on the money. I didn't think I cared about the noise until I actually heard it. It might have a propellor but it sure as hell sounds like a jet. Riding this before or after others in the house are sleeping may not work. I really like the idea of direct drive. I wonder if it could be accomplished with a quieter fluid resistance unit. Seems reasonable.