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Contour vs GoPro? (Read 70 times)


    There are a fair number of cyclists and it is tricky driving with them. i can't see oncoming traffic with the windIng roads. They probably feel like I am tailing them until I can see well enough to pass.

    Hopefully they are appreciative that you are waiting until it's safe.


    On my way in this morning there was another commuter in front of me. He would weave in out of the parking lane to go around parked cars. I rode a good 4 -5 ft away from the parked cars. Outside of the door zone and basically where the right hand wheel of the car would travel.


    I was over taken by a car. When he passed me he swung wide across the center line giving me lots of clearance. It was only a few secounds before he reached the rider in front of me. The cyclist was in the parking lane at the time and coming up on a couple of parked cars. The same car yeilded him no space and the cyclist had to slow to a creep to avoid the passing car and the parked cars.


    I really wished I had one of those camera's because it would have really made my point !


    Rudolf on Roids is how I explain to people the way I ride. High Vis jacket / jersey / shirt. Front light white strobe and rear blinky. My backpack has reflective piping and in cooler weather when I'm wearing work jeans my pant leg bands are also reflective.