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    This Forum has got potential......There are a ton more cyclist out there.


    Here's a few tips I wanted to share.


    #1.....To aid a stranded fellow cyclist:


    I carry a 26" x1.5 tube, a 700c x 19 - 23, a CO Cartridge and a tire lever in my car and my truck. Over the last few years there has been two occasions where I've assited a stranded cyclist with these items.


    #2.....DO NOT use WD40 on your bike !


    While the number one use for this product is as a lubricant it is a far better degreaser than it is a lubricant. It was developed to break down rust and free seized parts. It's lubrication properties are only temporary. For chain lube, use a product like Pedro's Ice Wax......for all other moving parts.....TRI-FLOW is excellent.


    #3......Keep a dollar bill or a clean but empty GU pak on your bike.


    Search the Internet and know how to use either of these items to fix a tire blow out. (A split in your tire wall)

    Team HTFU NCTR Driver

      4. Get a chain gage (like the Park CC-3) and replace your chain when the 1% side drops in. $30 for a chain<$250 for new chainrings and sprocket set.

      5. A rear blinky light mount makes a great seatpost height marker.

      6. Take a maintenance class, like the Park Tool School. Worth every penny, and then some.

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        7. Marry someone who can do all the maintenance crap. 

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