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Get Off the F'ing Road!! (Read 39 times)

Princess Cancer Pants

    '17 Goals:

    • Chemo

    • Chemo-Radiation

    • Surgery

    • Return to kicking my own ass by 2018


    She was not strong. She was valiant. Radiant. Brave and broken. The beauty she discovered in the aftermath was unparalleled to anything she had known before, because it had come at such a cost.

    ~ Unknown

    Hip Redux

      "Enjoy yourself as you and the road make beautiful love together".




      fear the Col Sanders

        I have been away for too long.  That was indeed funny.


        I am now just over a year into road biking and I have yet to have anyone yell that at me.  Knock on something.  I did, however, have some teenagers hurl the remnants of a 32oz beverage off my hip.  That was less that exciting.

        Just because I look dumb doesn't mean I'm not...