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Don't be this guy (Read 30 times)

    Ok, I'll admitt I'm partly at fault but this dude is still a friggin idiot !


    Yesterday after work I went out for a run. It was 5pm and a gorgeous day. I planned on a nice easy 6 mile so decided to hit the rec path. As suspected, it was busy. Lots of folks out. Runners, couples, friends, single walkers...This is only a 5 mile path so you generally do not see many roadie types on this trail. The bikes are generally older people or couples on comfort bikes...I almost out run them


    I was running an out and back. On my return the wind was at my back so it would be difficult to hear anything comeing up on me.


    My wandering mind was abruptly awaken with "On your right!". First off, If there was a lane divider I would have been running down the center of the right lane. 2nd, no one was coming towards me for a good 75 yards or better, 3rd...who the f__ passes on the right? I heard On your right but procecessed it as move right. I glanced over my left shoulder and BAM! My right side got struck and the cyclist went flying off the path into the large rocks that make up the "dyke" which is the city flood wall.


    He took a very mean spill.


    No one was serioulsy hurt but I'll bet he's damn sore today. The bike took a pretty good beating too. I did see some pretty nasty scrathes. I did not get knocked to the ground, just a bruise just under my rib cage that I suspect was from the handlebar.


    So, he gets up. I asked are you all right...he barely acknowledges me. "You dumb fu--ker" he says.


    "Pardon" I say...and asked again "Are you alright?"...."F OFF!" was his remark. He mounts his bike and rides away.


    And we wonder why some people do not like cyclist.

      I won't be that guy....

      That sucks.  Hope your ribs are ok.

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        "On your right"????? Who says that?


        If there are as many people on a 5 mile long trail that you indicate, a roadie has no business even being on it. Just think though it could have been worse. That bruise under your ribs could have been a gore if it had been a tri bike.


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          Exactly BT....but I don't know that he was going exceptionally fast. He didn't say anything until he was right on me and of course when I turned to look over my left shoulder no one was there. I got spun around 180 deg's. When I turned to look in the direction I was heading he was already in the rocks.


          This is a fairly small town and I see many of the same faces. I did not recognize this guy at all. He may have been an out of towner because as you pointed out...this rec trail is a piss poor bike trail.


          I should take a photo of the rocks he landed on...OUCH !


          never runs the tangents

            I like the righteous indignation of swearing at someone when you're in the wrong and he's trying to see if you're ok. Some people are their own worst enemies.

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