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Newbie question: Tube sizing (Read 72 times)

fear the Col Sanders

    So, my bike says I should use a 23cm tube in my wheel.  I went to a bike shop (not my favorite local one) and they had some Bontrager tubes, one was an 18-23 and another was a 23-25.


    Does this mean I could use either?  Is one preferable to the other?


    I hate being so dumb on these things.  I can't wait until I know what I'm talking about.

    Just because I look dumb doesn't mean I'm not...

      Yes, you can use either.


      There is a great deal of slop when it comes to manufacturing tubes. You'll find substatial differences between manufactures with tubes labled the same.

      fear the Col Sanders

        Thanks for the information.


        Are there certain brands you are like?  Or is that a personal thing like running shoe brands?

        Just because I look dumb doesn't mean I'm not...

          Slo is right. One thing to consider is that the smaller size might be a gram or two lighter and result in a half second time savings over 50 miles. In other words you won't notice the difference.


          As for me, I usually buy basic tubes ie. Bontrager. You could get thin and more expensive tubes that might save you a few more half seconds.