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What's your plan when you finish? Or what are you doing if you finished? (Read 378 times)

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    Just wondering... Are you just going to continue doing a few runs a week for 30 minutes? Are you going to try the OHR? Are you going to go out for distance and run miles and miles and miles? Are you going to train for any marathons, half marathons or 10Ks? Are you going to try the Galloway method?

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      I finished c25k about 3 weeks ago and have been more or less sticking with the 3 runs of 30 minutes a week since then. Some have gone longer, some shorter, but I've been getting out consistently and feeling good. I've been wrestling with what to do next and have decided to do hal higdon's spring training: I'm going to jump in at week 4 though since I've already had a number of weeks at or around the mileage of weeks 1-3. The main reason I'm going with this over OHR is that I want to get a 4th day a week in. I considered just freelancing it and making my own schedule based on feel - but based on the last few weeks I think I'll just push it too hard and am better sticking to a plan. Assuming that goes well, I'll continue building base slowly with this (I found that link courtesy of the folks on the maff forum here). I'm thinking I'll level off in the 20s somewhere and stick with that for a while - but that's way off in the future so we'll see Smile

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        I finished C25K in early July. I didn't move on to another training program right after. I ran a 5K race in August and have another next weekend. I'm still running 3x per week (considering moving up to four). For my three runs a week, I've been running varying times. For example, last week I ran 36minutes, 39 minutes and 42 minutes. My third run of the week isn't always my longest, just worked out like that last week. I'm increasing my mileage but only at 10% or less per week. Right now I'm just building up a base of miles; my longest run to date was 53 minutes (4.4 miles). Longer term goals: start doing some 10K races next spring and a half marathon probably fall 2010 because I think next fall is too soon.

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          We moved on to OHR. Once we have completed that program, I'm going to start working in a 4th day; I'm not doing it yet because my wife wants to do OHR but not really more than that. I'd like to try a Half Marathon next fall; there is one just a couple of miles from where I live. But I'm not setting any definite goals for next year until I get further along in OHR.
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            Good question! I'm thinking I had better do the One Hour Runner or another plan like it to keep building my endurance. It looks like I will need to be solid in my ability to run up to an hour in order to start training for any 10K races, which I want to do next spring. I wouldn't mind getting in a 4th day a week, but I will have to research running plans... I am also itching to start working on my speed a little, since I jog so slowly, but I just keep telling myself that I can work on that after I build my endurance up a bit more. I'm in week 7 of the C25K, so I've only been consistently exercising (besides light bike commuting) for 2 months now. Maybe once I'm a one-hour runner I can start working on getting faster!
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              Once I finish, I am 2 runs shy when I went out with a heel spur I will go on to OHR and training for a half after that.
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                I just finished C25K yesterday (hooray!). I have a lot of big work deadlines during October and November. So I think for the next couple of months I'll continue running 30 minutes 3x a week. My goal is to not fall off the wagon when I'm working longer hours. Then in December I'm going to start the Podrunner Intervals Freeway to 10K ( I really liked the walk/run intervals in C25K, so I'm hoping that plan helps me to get up to an hour of running.

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                  Since finishing C25K about a month ago, I've just been doing my own thing. If I feel like 30 minutes, awesome. If I feel like running just 2 miles, fine. I'm listening to my body. I'm not going to do OHR as of now, and I'm focusing on distance as opposed to time. Galloway method? I prefer the Me Method. I'm training for 5Ks still, and eventually I might try a half. Maybe.
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                    I'm seriously considering HHST because my goal for next year is to complete a 10K, though honestly....I've been SLACKING since finishing C25K. Like, not running, not walking, straight back to the couch slacking. Thought DH was starting C25K but he hasn't really gotten into it...we're retrying this weekend with W1D1 for him, which at least gets me back out there. I've just been really stressed out lately and running seems like one more thing to put on my to-do list, you know? A lot of people talk about how much running relieves their stress, but for me oftentimes the stress relief is overshadowed by the added stress of another "appointment" taking up my time. With winter coming I'm hoping I'll get back to the gym and hop on the TM again. I actually have two goals for the coming year: running a 10K and getting a 5K under 35 minutes (my 5K this year was 43:10, yikes).
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                      I finished C25K, and went right on to OHR. Finished that about 3-4 weeks ago and stuck with 30, 45, 60 minute runs for 4 weeks. Then planned to increase to 45, 60, 90, but life has gotten in the way (kids, work, power outages, etc), so I'm still pretty much at 30, 45, 60. I don't have any idea how far I'm running most of the time (trails). But I'm thinking I need to find a race or two to keep me going. Then I saw a bunch of great marathon t-shirts, and now I'm thinking maybe in the very long run....
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                        Yep, after some consideration, I'm thinking I will do the One Hour Runner program, then maybe Cool Running's or Hal Higdon's beginner 10K programs. I am still really slow, so I am going to try to build my aerobic fitness level gently...
                        Goals: 1. Finish One Hour Runner Program 2. Train for and run a 10K in late winter 3. Run a half in late spring 4. Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco, Oct 2009
                          After thinking about it (and some wise advice from Cyndi), I decided (kicking and screaming) that OHR will be the way to go for me. I'm starting week 9 of C25K this coming week, and I needed to make the decision soon. It was a tough one, since I didn't want to stick to a strict schedule again (specific time lengths), but it turns out that it's probably the way I need to do it right now.

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                            Awesome. I love hearing all of you talk about continuing to run. It is a lifestyle whether you are just running a few times a week or committing to something longer. Smile

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                            Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)


                              I just finished the program (c25k) and I'm going to start OHR on Monday! Cool I need the structure.
                                I think that I am going to keep doing 3 miles and then eventually start throwing in a 4 miler now and then. Just slowly build up my milage. Hopefully by January I will be at about 5 or 6. Just take it really slow and enjoy it. maybe do some 5ks for fun.
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