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    Ok, so today was my first "official" C25K run. I like the program but hated looking at my watch every 10 seconds No. Then I was browsing through the forums and happened to come across the podrunner system Shocked. I guess it almost mirrors the C25K program but you download the music which tells you when to run and walk. I am interested and wanted to know if any of you have tried it Confused. ~Olivia Btw-I just love these adorable smiley faces!
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      Congrats on your first run! I'm in week 7. A lot of my group members used some podcasts with C25K that tell you when to run and walk--I'm sure someone on this forum will know where to find them (I was on the treadmill so it was easy to keep track of my time myself). Those first weeks of lots of intervals are a little challenging to keep remembering what you're supposed to be doing when!
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        Here's a link to the podcasts. He has them in a couple of different formats - navigate around to find the others if you need something other than a MP3. Another thing. I noticed that the file names don't line up with the week that you are running. When I downloaded the files to my laptop, I renamed the files so that the numbering matches the week. Yeah, the music is a little bit techno-pop, but not too bad. Since he did this for free and for distribution he had to use non-copyrighted music, so considering his limitations he did good!
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          I used them and thought they were much better than having to look at my watch all the time. Not my style of music, but at least it was a mental diversion.

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            Wait a sec...are you taking about Ullrey's podcasts or Podrunner intervals? I like both, but Podrunner is more for people who don't need the pep talk and want to run, plain and simple. I will probably be using the Podrunner bit from now on. Oh yeah! Congrats on starting the program. I bet you get addicted. Smile
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