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Powerpuff Girl

    So, I just completed W1D1 yesterday.  I can't believe I actually got away with running for 1 full minute without cardiac arrest/critical organ failure/full body shutdown. 


    I'm waaaay unfit, and waaaaay overweight, but I've decided to backchat the naysayers and see what I'm really made of.  (At the moment, I'm thinking...marshmallows - at least in my legs).


    I've spent a considerable amount of time scanning the forum, trying to gain as much as possible from all the learnings you all have so generously shared - Thank You.  I'm going to try my best to follow all your advice about being patient and being humble:  My Name is Powerpuff Girl and My Running Pace is Slower Than My Walking Pace.  See? Quick study, me.


    I'll try my best to check the forum first, but if I ask any questions that you may have patiently (and repeatedly) answered elsewhere before, please bear with me.  My one remaining braincell has had a tough time recently, rattling around my head now that I'm a runner. Oh...did I mention...I run.


    Baby bean!

      Congratulations!!!  That first run takes a lot of courage and many people never even make it that far, so great job!!!  Pretty soon, that one minue will be nothing!  :-D

      Finish C25K

      I'm slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but I run.

        I still remember the first time I ran for 10 minutes straight.  I was on cloud 9 for about a week!  That's one of the best things that running has to offer, I think: a series of "wow, I can do this!" moments.  Keep up the good work!

        Roads were made for journeys...

        Powerpuff Girl

          Okay, here's my first (probably of many) questions...


          So I completed W1D2 [huge grin], and my legs are sore...ALL over. How do I know if I have shin splints (clearly one of the most dreaded runner's afflictions)?  My shins are sore, but so is my entire marshmallow leg X 2!



            It's a little early for shin splints to be popping up, but it's not uncommon for muscles to be sore right after you start a new activity.  If the pain you're feeling seems to be muscle soreness, don't worry - it should go away.  If it seems to be in a joint, tendon, or bone, then do worry... or at least take corrective action.


            If you're reasonably sure it's muscle soreness, and since you're saying they're sore ALL OVER I'd guess it is, then you have the choice of pushing on regardless or of taking an extra day or two off.  Just don't lose your momentum!  Some people find soaking in epson salt to be helpful with soreness, though I've never had much luck with it myself. 


            New activity soreness goes away after a few days or so (maybe a week at most, I'm guessing) without any problems.  Injury soreness doesn't unless you take care of it.  Injury soreness gets worse over time.


            Why not take a nice 30 minute walk instead of a run next time, just once, and see if the soreness doesn't go away?


            Congrats on finishing day 2!  Keep up the good work.

            Roads were made for journeys...