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Whadaya doin this week? ending July 24. (Read 433 times)

        Hi gang.  OK, time to check in a bit.  I am happy to say that I did Week 6, day 2, and it went well enough that I will attempt sorm form of day 3 tomorrow, if my legs feel better than they do today.  Kind of tired today, but probably they will feel OK in the AM.  Not at all sure I can do 25 min. w/o walking, but plan to find out soon.

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      Indoors I'm doing w8d3 the next time I hit the treadmill.  Then it's on to week 9!  As a bonus, my mother has given up trying to use the treadmill, so it looks like it's going to be moving downstairs to my part of the house.  Woot!


      Outside, I discovered that my normal route is just about 2.5k, so my goal is to be able to run my route twice.  I tried this morning, but my calf cramped up on me even with the help of my husband skateboarding next to me with a bottle of water.  However, I did manage to run my best pace ever, and ran for longer distances outside on this run than I had previously.  On a weird note, we shared the bike path this morning with a guy who was harnessed to a hand-cart and pulling a rather large woman in the back, who was reading aloud to him.  For once I wasn't the strangest person out on the path!  Hell, a heavily tattooed chick with facial piercings and pinkish-red hair might even be normal!

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        Onoma, you are doing great.  Wow!   Hey, the story about the man hauling around the woman in the cart is just crazy.  If you know how (I don't), try putting it on the Masters Forum as the weirdest thing you have seen while on a run.  They would love it. 

            I had cramps in my legs last night from eating too much junk, so am getting a slow start, but getting ready to get ready to go out and try the 25 min. run for the first time.  Woods Lady