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I'm brand new to running and start C25K next week (Read 198 times)

    Hi all, I just wanted to stop in and say hi. I'm brand new to running, as I've mostly just used a treadmill for walking, and was never able to do much in the running territory. A friend turned me on to the C25K, and I've decided to start it next week. I've just been looking around the threads, trying to gather information, but didn't want to be a lurker. I hope to be able to provide updates here on my progress. You all sound like a knowledgeable bunch, and I hope to learn more here. Thanks! S
      Welcome! You're going to love it - both the C25K and the forum Big grin

      The young Mama Bear!

        Hello! Just give The Yap, Meg or I a shake and we'll add you to the group charts. Welcome and happy running!
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        Long term goals: - Sub 30 5K. - Compete in a 5K. - Train for a triathlon. - Compete in a 10K.

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          Hello and welcome!
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            Thanks, everyone, for the welcome! Jennicap, congrats on being two days away from graduating the C25K! Smile S

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              We've all been in your shoes. Believe me, in a few weeks, you'll be feeling just as knowledgable and you'll be welcoming new runners behind you. Smile

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                Thanks, Meg. It's good to hear! Smile