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        End of July/start of August.  Whats everyone doing?   I am happy to say that I am on week 7!   Brag brag!   I took so long on week 5, I would have not beleived this during those days. We were not troubled by the heat here on the Oregon Coast, so I have kept up on the schedule.  Oh, I decided to "cross train".  My own little way this month has been to go to the gym a couple of times  and do the circuit machines for women,and to get DH to drag out our old exercise bike and go round and round. 

        Hope you all had a greta month, and are making plans for Aug. to be the same.   Woods Lady

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      Woods Lady, you are kicking a$$!!!  I hear the heat out there is brutal.  Take it easy in it.  But I'm excited to hear about your progress.  Yay!


      I personally still don't know what I am doing next.  Just running for 30 minutes.  I actually took TWO walk breaks yesterday.  I went out at 7 and it was 82 degrees and even the breeze was hot.  Nobody had their sprinklers on.  Bummer.  But I just knew trying to push myself wasn't smart. The breaks lasted a minute each so no biggie, but they also allowed me to go over 2 miles rather than stop at just a mile.


      That's all over here. 

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        Woodslady - you've really been kicking tail this month!  Good job.  However, I'm not sure that having your husband drag the exercise bike around in circles really counts as cross-training...


        Sushi - sometimes when you're out on a run, taking a walk break is just what you need to do.  Last week I had to take several when I was out on a trail run.  It was hot, sandy, and I just got tired.  So I walked for a hundred feet or so.  It made the rest of the run more tolerable.  The rest of the runs I didn't have to, but that one just needed a walk break.


        Things are going fine here.  I've been having fewer foot pains since I started alternating Newton running shoes with the barefoot running that I'd been doing.  Running's always a big experiment to me.  Plan A not working?  Time for plan B.  I think I'm on plan PXXU right now, lol, but I still have faith I'll find that magic combination that will work forever and ever for me.


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          It's nice to hear everyone is doing so well.

          I'm glad to hear other people still need walk breaks. I did finally complete the C25K last week and I'm so proud. I got frustrated when I was on week 8 for 3 or 4 weeks. It was just too hot for me to run so I only ran once a week and that's still what I'm doing. I plan to run a 5k in October with friends. That will give me time to improve my time and work on my distance. I need to get a treadmill in my basement. A friend offered to loan me hers and I have yet to clear out room for it.

          Well enjoy everyone and keep up the good work.

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            I managed to do weeks 7 and 8 over here and started week 9 this morning, and I'm doing better with runs outside.  I'm thinking about changing my outdoor runs from the c25k timed option to distance, but I'm also considering using the "run until you can't and then walk for a bit" method as well, since I don't like to run too far from my truck.


            Oh, and for people using the iphone/ipod touch c25k app, I'm not sure if it's been fixed in an update, but week 8 actually shorts you a minute worth of run, starting the cooldown a minute early.

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              I'm plodding along still.  Have been stuck at W3 for like two or three weeks now, just haven't managed to be consistent and run 3X a week like I'm supposed to.  I'm OK with that though.  I'll do one more W3ish run tomorrow and then pluge ahead into W4 on Thursday.  My other goal for August is to get more swims in, it's a terrific workout for the whole body, feels great when it's hot out, and it helps my back not get tight as much.  But squeezing in all of that plus regular summer activities has been challenging thus far.  i still have my eye on the Harpoon Brewery 5K in October though.
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