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    I had a date on Saturday for a hike and was sort of too nervous to run or weight training first. So we hiked 2.5 miles straight uphill (They actual have a trail run on that trail that is known for trashing elite runners) and then the 2.5 miles of quad killing down hill. It took hours and... was amazing; I never could have made it up that hill before and I outlasted him and he does crazy workouts (rock climbing, cardio boxing, weights and an ounce of fat on him etc etc etc). So I get home on cloud 9 after telling him I still had to run and do P90. He laughed and assumed I wouldn't do it but I was so happy I floated through the run. I felt like I was flying! My longest mileage ever 3.7 miles and some change for 41 minutes. I got home and went right into P90 Sculpt and did every exercise except the dive bombers. and then almost puked drinking my protein shake! Amazing week and I see so many changes in my endurance and health since beginning running and cross training. Bring on Week 7!
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    On the road again...

      Awesome post, quotidianlight! I get to do my 41 minute run this week and I can't wait to break that 40 minute barrier.

      I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.