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    I completed Week 5 yesterday with the big 20 minute run! I ran at a fairly slow pace so that I could sustain the full 20 minutes without stopping. The first mile was on the track and took me 12 minutes, then I headed off the track and ran through the surrounding neighborhood for a change of scenery to get through the final 8 minutes. The last 5 minutes were tough but I hung in, and just am amazed that just over 5 weeks ago, I was fretting over minute and 1/2 intervals! On to Week 6 and only 4 weeks to go!
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      Cyndi, great job! Did I say you could do it, or did I say you could do it? Wink Alright, I'm off to No-Internet Land again. I wish all of you great runs, no chafing/blisters and PRs! Smile
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      Long term goals: - Sub 30 5K. - Compete in a 5K. - Train for a triathlon. - Compete in a 10K.

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        Cyndi, that's awesome! Way to go! Big grin

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        Three half marathons later, I got a number. Half Fanatic #9292. :)

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          Hey, thanks to whomever added me to the graph! Big grin

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