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    My son now really want to start running, so we went out to buy a pair of running shoes this morning. I have a 3K in 6 weeks-program, designed for kids, so he is going to try that (won't be a problem I think, his condition isn't bad). So in addition to my own scheme, I will be running with him one or two times a week (we can leave the house together during one of my shorter runs, and then I can go back and forth to enable him to run more or less with me). I suppose with two added running days in the week, I won't make my long run (that isn't very long yet) much longer, and that I will progress a little slower in my OHR-program.

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      Well, as I completed the C25K I treated myself to a Garmin 301 Shy. Just done 2 runs with that and after a bit of fiddling about got the maps from the on-line web site they show up with the route on top. Wow! I am impressed with the technology it is exactly what I wanted. It even tells you what the temperature was at the time and elevation changes as well. Well worth the cost (84UKP from Amazon). So I am working on a 3 runs per week, 30 mins each for now and work them round the weather forecasts Cool. Tomorrow, I will venture out to the countryside and do a 30 min run somewhere nice and flat and traffic free and then come home and measure the distance. Speed is slow, very slow - in fact it is near enough half the speed I used to do way back when I was a 'real' runner and did a 76min 10 miler. But I do like the freedom this program has given me to venture out and enjoy the scenery. Lets hope we can keep at this without injury or inclement weather.
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