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Jan 18 - 24 Weekly Thread (Read 159 times)

    Well due to my overwhelming stupidity last week, I took a short break from my C25K training. I was sort most of the week and just took it easy. Did a little pilates and Wii Fit. Then resumed running on Saturday. I repeated a week 4 run to gauge how my body was doing. I plan to start week 5 tonight and get back on track this week. Steph
    2009 Goals:
    Complete C25K program
    Run my first 5K in April
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      Good luck, Its nasty out here, so it looks like, I will have to wait longer to start. Sad
      Body Weight Culture, A site with alot of info.
      100 Push-ups Challenge, 40 of 100
      Weight Loss, 20 pounds to go.
        i did week 2 day 1 on sunday and it was really hard. i barely made it. today i did day 2 and it was way easier. i tried the treadmill on day one and i will never do that again. it is even more boring than the track. i made a schedule to help keep me going and so far so good. it should get me through the next 4 weeks
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          C25K, W9D1. Again. It took way, way longer than I thought it would for them to clear me to run. It was such a totally nothing surgery, but it was in kind of an awkward place and, since I woke up the day after and could barely stand, I thought it best not to complain! But I'm back and I'm hoping that'll be the last of the stupid life annoyances for a while.
          "It's very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit."