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    Tongue I have a very newbie question. So far I have been doing C25K by time (flat 30 mins), not distance. I really have no clue how many times I go around the track in one 30 minute workout, and I'm usually in the 3rd or 4th lane of the track, not in the inside lane. My next run/walk is tonight. I would like to know what my distance is for the 30 minute workout, but everything I've read about track markings, what lane you're in etc. makes no sense to me. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Confused Thanks!
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      Cyndi: A guy I work with jogs on the track at the high school. He said that 4 laps on the inside lane is one mile. Hope that helps Cool Have a great day! I'm sure someone else can maybe shed some other light???
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        I believe the inside lane is left alone with courtesy to the sprinters. It depends on the track. The one down the street that I never use is about 4x to the mile. The one at my college is 5.1x to the mile.
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          Running tracks (like the one at high schools were they hold meets and stuff) are 4 laps to a mile. There should be staggered lines in each lane that account for the greater distance the farther out you go in lanes (hope that makes sense). To keep it real simple, get in the first or second lane and when you get back around to where you started, you've gone .25 of a mile. Do that 4 times and you've gone a mile. I'm curious that you're doing a 30 minute workout in week 3 of C25K? The schedule recommends 20 minutes. Just want to be sure you don't get too far ahead too fast. Have a great workout.

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            Ok, I found some better info. Here is the calculation: Lane 1 4 laps = 1 mile Lane 2 4 laps = 1.01 mile 3 4 laps = 1.03 miles 4 4 laps = 1.05 miles 5 4 laps = 1.07 miles 6 4 laps = 1.09 miles (.2725 per lap) 7 4 laps = 1.11 miles 8 4 laps = 1.13 miles So if I am in lane 6, and complete 10 laps during the 30 minute workout, I have run 2.73 miles. I always start out counting my laps but then lose track of them as I get deeper into my groove. I will try to gage my distance tonight and see what happens! I do stay in the outer lanes, away from the pros! Yapper ~ I'm on the track a total of 30 minutes with the 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down.
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              I always start out counting my laps but then lose track of them as I get deeper into my groove.
              Sometimes golfers use a string of beads to help them to keep track of the number of shots they have taken on a hole. You can find them at a golf shop or probably even make your own.