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Struggling to run in the cold....any advice? (Read 250 times)

    I have just started to repeat week 7, as the first week through I was really struggling to get through the run. I have come to realize it is due to the cold. As long as the weather is in the 30s I seem to be fine, I could have managed the longer run of week 8, but temperatures below that I am sucking air. My body is warm and I am not feeling cold, just puffing and panting.

    The previous run I tried using a turtle fur to breath through, helped a little but was still a struggle.


    I want to keep running and do not have a treadmill to move indoors , so looking for any ideas.

      alligande,  it sounds like you are running too fast, if you are huffing and puffing.  Slow down and see if it helps. 


      A neck gaiter (is that what you mean by "turtle fur"?) is helpful to breathe through for some people, as their throat burns while breathing in cold air.  You will get used to the cold, if you're patient.

      Michele in NC


        The problem is I can run the same distance faster and easier when it is slightly warmer, the huffing and puffing is when it is cold I am running slow, I also start out huffing and puffing........ it feels like the start of the first week Smile not how it felt doing weeks 5 and 6 when the weather was slightly warmer.

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          when it gets that cold (which isn't often here in Austin, TX) I try to slow down enough to breath in thru my nose and exhale thru mouth. I've also been known to use a neck gaiter pulled up over my mouth but under the nose.

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