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I'm baaaack--and waking this group up (Read 151 times)

    Hi guys,


    Good to be back. I'm not only a C25K-er, I'm also a former graduate. Smile After a looong hiatus from consistent exercise and a summer hiatus from pretty much any exercise at all, I decided to start over with C25K. I just did W2D1 today. I love this program, and the crisp fall Midwestern weather.


    Yup. So. Hi. Shy

    Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

      Hey, who's the new kid?


      Big grin

      Roads were made for journeys...

        New kid = me or the fuzzy guy in the pic?


        What's up, Wingz? Looks like you're maybe injured? Boooooo.

        Call me Ray (not Ishmael)