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Anyone here thinking about running barefoot/minimalistic? (Read 200 times)

    Yes, I do think about it...

    But at the moment it's still a bit to cold to add some barefoot hundred yards to my runs...


    And minimalistic shoes? Don't know, but I have the impression that's just the Big Brands trying to get their share of the booming enthusiasm for barefoot running...


    So I started walking around indoors barefoot or with toe-socks (is that an English word?) when I feel a bit cold.

    And although it's cold outside, I go barefoot from gardendoor to the garage (less than 10 yards) when I bring our cats there at night.


    Once it's a bit warmer, I will try to walk around in our garden to begin with...

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      Yes, have done more than think about it, run mostly bf or in socks (when ground is cold), or minimal shoes; eg,Vibram Sprints, Saucony Hattari, or others. Have to be more careful to avoid heel landing when in minimals. Am inputting from tablet so might look strange.

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        As I haven't had any trouble with regular old stability shoes, I haven't given it a minute's though...though it is very popular right now!  I run in the city, definitely don't want what's on the sidewalks on my feet, ewww!

        Michele in NC


          I have access to an indoor track, so I do some barefoot (sockfoot, to be accuate) strides occasionally. I do much of my running in Saucony Kinvera's and Puma Ryjins, both shoes that don't fit the 'minimalist' mold as taken to the Vibram 5 Fingers extreme, but are neutral, light, and flexible.


          The current fad is attached to the crossfit one,  I think.