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    Hi guys! As a suggestion of about everyone on Running 101 forum, I've decided to start the couch to 5K. I am really pretty out of shape so I'm going to have to modify even the first week. Has anyone else done that here? I have started walking just trying to focus on consistency but I am going to start adding in a little jogging. Any suggestions on getting started are always apprecited. Cool Being a runner, here I come! Big grin

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      All of us were new to this once. I'm so glad you are joining us. Goddess will add you to the group list. Don't worry about needing to repeat weeks. Just take your time and we'll be here to support you! Big grin My suggestion for getting started is to first make sure your shoes are good. I started with old shoes and replaced them in week 2 because I was starting to get soreness in my shins. Could've just been getting used to impact and jarring of running but it was definitely also the start of shin splints. I know that. I have had no problems since.

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        i second the "good shoes" thing! even though i had a pair of nice newbalance running sneakers, they were not fitted at a running store and i learned that i was wearing a pair that was a size too small for me to comfortably run in!
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          How out of shape are you? I was no spring chicken and I didn't have to modify any day whatsoever. Not saying that noone should ever, ever change up the program, but it's more doable than you think. Even the "big" jumps are! I'll second Meg here - get fitted for legitimate running shoes. You know, not the shoes you just skank around in...actual running shoes. Also, make sure you have ways to hydrate while you're running. Either leave water along your route or get a handheld hydration system/camelback. It depends on if you don't mind holding something or if you don't mind having something around the hip area. I'm the type that needs water all the time, so my handheld is great for me. What else...hmm. Slow down. Slow down. Slow down. Don't give up. Use this program as a learning experience (you're so much stronger than you think!)
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            yellowrunning: I just finished Week 1 of the C25K, and I'm surprised at how fast it took to get used to it. I always used to try running on the treadmill and started out too fast, so I'd give up. The C25K program eases you into it and slowly adds the running time. This is coming from someone who would just walk at 3.5mph as the extent of her activity most of the time, and not very often. You'll do fine. Wink