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Group and graph housekeeping done. (Read 120 times)

    Hi, gang! I hope you are continuing to enjoy running and are making good progress with the program you're using. There were a number of people who had not updated their information in a significant amount of time. The graphs on the home page were always for people who were actively trying to progress through the program. So, if someone had not submitted a change (or just an update on the form that they're still around) I went ahead and took them off the graph. This may have resulted in someone accidentally getting taken off the graph when they didn't want to be. If your name got cleared, just drop a line on the "add your name to the graph" thread and I'll get you put right back on. In a similar vein, I am doing some housekeeping on the C25K and OHR group. Members who've not checked in here since 9/1/08 are being removed from the group list. That means that the members who are listed as "members" are reasonably likely to still be interested in this group and participating in these programs. Nobody's being banned - anyone's free to re-join at anytime. New year. Time to clean house and take stock of where we are, where we're going, and where we want to be. Happy 2009 to everyone. Smile -Janell

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      Sounds good, Janell! Smile

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