Couch to 5K and One Hour Runners


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Baby bean!

    Woods Lady...10 minutes of running is a HUGE accomplishment, trust me!  Last year, my thought was to do 10:2 galloway intervals b/c I really truly thought my body was not meant to run more than that.  Now I know it is partially physical and partially mental.  So keep going.  You will be running 20 in no time!  As for races, nothing lined up except for the Komen 5K in Central Park in September.  A bunch of my friends and I will do it together.  And after C25K, I really think I'm going to try One Hour Runner.  That's a big goal for me.

    Finish C25K

    I'm slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but I run.

      Sushi-the program seems better this time, but I'm sure that's because I did learn some lessons the first go-round, particularly with respect to which pains and annoyances I should pay attention to and which I should push through.  I'm also for the first time in my life running with little or no lower leg/shin/calf tightness, so it seems better that way.  I've noticed a big change in my heart rate over my C25K attempt this time last year and a huge difference over where it used to be while running in the years before that--now it settles in at about 170 during the running portions, which is a whole lot closer to what it should be, so that tells me that no matter what I am doing something good for my body Smile  We'll see how the rest of the program progresses, I hope to find it easier but who knows, I got pretty out of shape between the end of 2008 and today.  And yeah, I never paid attention to distance before either because the first part is all in yardage, which is really only useful if you're on a track.  We'll see, I'm going to do one more W2 workout tonight and then start up W3 on Wednesday.
      2009 Goals:
      PR 5K (Ha, current 43:10)
      Run a 10K
      Meet Seasonal Weight Loss Challenges
      Complete my first Sprint Tri