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Week of 7/31-8/6 (Read 269 times)

    Ran on the trail this humid morning.  At 98% humidity I was temped to log it as a swim.  Smile  Hope everyone is staying hydrated and running well.

      A short easy run on the trail with the dog this morning. 

        36 minute run today.  Kept my best average pace yet.  Almost broke 13 minute mile!

        Started c25k on 5/30/11

          Finally ran a 5 miler this morning!  I slowed the pace considerably, drank before running, and humidity was only 88%.  I even saw a heron during my cool down walk.  It's been a fantastic morning!


          DigitalFirefly - Way to go!  Nice job on the pace!

            At minute 31 today a car came flying around the corner and almost hit me.  I was able to quickly dodge out of the way, but I hurt my foot in the process.  I had a pain in the arch of my foot.  I had to stop running and ended up limping 1/3 of a mile home. My foot still hurts.  I'm icing it now.


            My pace was good, I was feeling great all run.  The last 4 minutes of my run was mostly flat and down hill, so I would have been somewhere in the high 12 minute mile range.


            I'm thankful I didn't get hit and wasn't more seriously injured.  Luckily I was close to home too. 



            Chup - great job on the 5 miler!

            Started c25k on 5/30/11

              After some ice and rest my foot feels fine tonight. Crisis averted.

              Started c25k on 5/30/11

                Long run today, 3.1 miles.  Humid and 85 degrees.  I wasn't feeling it, but pushed through.

                Started c25k on 5/30/11

                  I've taken a few days off for vacation and illness.  Hopefully I'll be back in the saddle tomorrow. 


                  DigitalFirefly - I'm glad to read that your crossing paths with a car didn't result in serious injury.  As a senior in high school I was riding my bike early in the morning around a highway curve marked as a no passing zone.  Wouldn't you know it, some jerk decided to pass coming towards me in the light fog.  I went into the ditch.  No one bothered to see if I was okay.  Luckily neither the bike nor I sustained any serious injury.  Sure did make me nervous for a while.  Smile