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Week of 10/30 to 11/5 (Read 189 times)

    Not sure if people have given up on this group but I thought I'd reappear.


    I'm redoing C25K for the 3rd time in my career. This time I broke my foot in three places in July, so I was totally immobile for six weeks and mostly immobile for another six, leaving my woefully out of shape. It's frustrating that week one is such a challenge when I was running 5 miles at a time just a few short months ago, but c'est la vie.


    How's everyone doing heading into cooler weather?

    Call me Ray (not Ishmael)

    Petco Run/Walk/Wag 5k

      Not bad. I'm still here to cheer folks on. I did 5 cold mi this morning in the pre-dawn dark. Well cold for Austin, TX, 44F, gusts to 30, wind chill 35-37F. Supposed to be colder tomorrow morning! Freeze warnings for cooler areas tonight.


      Keep on Keeping on!

      bob e v
      2014 goals: keep on running! Is there anything more than that?

      Complete the last 3 races in the Austin Distance Challenge, Rogue 30k, 3M Half, Austin Full

      Break the 1000 mi barrier!

      History: blessed heart attack 3/15/2008; c25k july 2008 first 5k 10/26/2008 on 62nd birthday.

        Bob, I like the goal in your signature. Keep on keeping on is right! Thanks for responding. Guess everyone else has already begun hibernation. Wink

        Call me Ray (not Ishmael)