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    Everyone, I'm in the midst of C25K (btw, how do I get added to the nifty bar graph that shows your C25K progress?) up to 25 minutes of running, 3x week. I allow at least a day between runs, sometimes 2 days. I know I have a few weeks left of building up to 30 minutes of running...but my question is - when can I add a 4th day? I really would like to add a 4th day during my regular 3 days/week run. When can I do that? Thanks!

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      Hi, I've got you on this here graph now. Smile You actually caught me at a great time - right before bed! Listen to your body. Try it for one week - feel good? Your body can most likely take it, but I still say finish the program before running extra days. Again, listen to what your body is telling you. Keep running...I love hearing updates. Big grin
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        I agree with Goddess: try to be patient. C25K is structured with 3 per week so your body has time to adjust and you don't overdo it, ending up injured. Getting injured and being sidelined from your 3 per week is tougher than not having a fourth run. While doing C25K, try to resist the urge to add a fourth day. If you really want one more day of exercise, do some cross training: yoga, swimming, biking, weights, etc. You'll graduate C25K soon and can look into shifting around your runs to have 4 runs with no more than a 10% increase per week. Right now, you might not have much room for a fourth run anyway because you don't want to increase more than that per week. You can't cut back the C25K runs because you are on that plan so your fourth run would be very minimal. Good luck!

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          Thank you for adding me to the graph! You guys are right - I will hang tight and finish the program first. I really didn't know I'd like running so much...
            I just finished Cto5K the week before last. For the last three weeks or so of Cto5k, I switched over from running time to running distance. So, my last week was three, three mile runs. This set me up in perfect position to start this training plan. I had two bookmarked and after comparing them, I really preferred this plan since it was a much more gradual build up of mileage. My main goals are to build a base, and more importantly, remain uninjured.
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