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I have a muscle in my hamstrings or something to that effect!!! (Read 188 times)

Baby bean!

    Okay, despite my inability to run run run Wink a muscle has shown up instead of flab on the back of my thigh!!! Big grin I think what I love about running and doing this is that although I knew not to expect results overnight, the subtle transformations are so friggin awesome. Back in July, I couldn't run for 2 minutes. Back in June, my pants were tight. Back in May, I had a pooch in my belly. Now I can run for a longer period (hoping to get it longer), my pants wear so much differently and my belly is flatter. Not flat. But flatter. So basically, what I am saying, is for anyone who is new to this...don't give up. The changes may be excrutiatingly slower than you'd like, but they DO come and they are wonderful!!! Big grin

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    I'm slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter, but I run.

      I'm only on my 6th week of running, and I'm seeing results already, too. It's amazing. Big grin

      The young Mama Bear!

        Oh, I feel you. I have this really weird quad muscle's still under fat but it's just waiting to get out there. Don't you love it? Big grin
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          The subtle changes are awesome - and then sometimes it seems like something happens over night. I was at (what seemed like) a 'standstill' it terms of losing pounds/inches, and then suddenly it seems like I am melting away! I love it!
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