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New Mom and SIL working on getting back into running... (Read 179 times)

Mom =)

    My SIL and I have been running for 6 weeks, 5-6 days a weeks w/intervals of 1:30 run/1 min walk for 40 min (amounts to @ 3 mi)


    I'm thinking of trying this program- and figuring maybe we should start at week 3.


    Do any of ya'll more run longer  than it says or would it be better to stick to the said time? and is 5-6 days a week ok or do we need more recovery time?


    also in the 6 weeks we have never bumped up our running time only changed the walk from 1:30 to 1 min- just throwing that in there may not matter

      Hey Christy!


      Yeah, try C25K. It just works. You'll see people all over these boards saying the same thing: don't skip weeks. So I'd say start at week one and bank on how easy it is. Smile But hey, try a week three workout and see how it feels. I know you've been doing more running than weeks one and two already.


      Welcome! Have fun!

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